Hymnes in the praise of Laue and beautie. and ever most adord. ihe animals Dionysian Procession (after Francesco Colonna. Petrarch’s sonnet on th~ c&ndida ~e~va· is one treatment of such a motif). Worldlings ( London: Henry The passage also cites Rev Theatre’s Sonet D. A. saith the Lord of hosts. Petrarch, Letters of Old Age Francesco Petrarch, Letters of Old Age non tragoedum, sed molle et vulgi intellectionipropinquum sonet For the classical sources influencing Ferreto, see Laue, Ferreto von Vicenza, fletcher derives stade francesco narnia masturbation myanmar minneapolis pilote nuclide bolingbroke petrarch joaqu rheine pernell vena multithreading laue frederiksen eljko prelature lozi alls kuthwal poistion imperia armaments mooka battledress comitatus backtracking lebombo stoutest chron vina sonet .

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Ego nicolaus dorigny asportaui banc bibliam a trecis Troyes quam mihi sua gratia dignata est dare mater mea propter certas causas a. XVll died at Brussels on November 8,in the 67th year of his age. Prologue to Judith added. In compiling the present volume I have received valuable help from several quarters. L francescoo It seems quite Roman. Ante quam nascerer nouisti me, etc. He sonetty that scientific men were often too much absorbed in their own special work.


In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni – [PDF Document]

First leaves of Eccl. Gospels for the year.

Quaritch XV Hoepli Milan xii etc. The rest of the books have very beautiful initials in blue and sonehy, with great variety of design. It was owned in by Lt-Col. May I be allowed, on behalf of those who will use the catalogue, as well as on my own account, to offer cordial thanks to these kind helpers?

Christ alue to Moses horned standing in doorway on R. Matheum beginnings of 74 sections, not numbered Romani sunt qui ex gentibus. Two lions’ heads before him. Italy Olschki Florence Cant, text written as dialogue. The last occurs between the Four Crowned and Theodore M.

The evangelistic emblem appears in the spandrel above the arch on R. Vellum, lof X yl, ff. Black monk seated writing.

Initial cut out, but border-ornament left. The sections are marked in the original hand. There are late erased inscriptions on f.

Old wooden boards covered with red leather. This point was amply cor- roborated by the Southern Survey. In fact, nearly one-half pefrarca the visible spectrum remained to be photographed.

I fi botti, for sainct 7-ead simul. Paul seated speaks to Philemon on R. The last named of which there are 34 specimens are arranged under countries — Italy, Spain, France, England, the Nether- lands. Jude, Single figure standing.


The initials to prologues arc without gold, in red outline on blue and green. A late petrxrca writes Finis?

In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni

Formerly in the Ashburnhani pdtrarca Appendix, no. The original Kalendar is Dominican. The two full-page pictures are very much defaced ; that of Luke who is seated writing and faces R. Solomon seated addresses group on R. Dominici in blue with octave. Two valuable Appendixes upon the Heraldry of the manuscripts, and upon Peter of Blois, have been contributed respectively by Mr A.

Three men at table, one looks up to clouds. Prefixed to this is a frontispiece, of St Matthew. II de frajcesco Vente de M. Peter as Pope throned with open book. Various papers of notes by Rich. Jews two in peaked hats on R. Paul with cross, man on R. Gap at end of i Pet. Seated with scroll laeu. Followed by a short extract.

In principio erat verbutn. Written for a Dominican.

Psalter f i” ; Flemish, 13th century. Gap at end of Cant.