The FortiGate/FortiWiFi 80C series are compact, cost effective, all-in-one security appliances that deliver Fortinet’s Connected UTM. Ideal for small business. Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance overview and full product specs on CNET. Proven Security for Remote Offices, Retail, and Customer Premise Equipment. The FortiGateC/80CM multi-threat security platforms deliver comprehensive.

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Culture by Nicolas Towner Nov 16, More Intelligence Build Smart Policies More Intelligence with automatic adjustment of role-based policies for users and guests based on location, data and application profile.

Rapid, turn-key deployment and easy management deliver low total cost of ownership and easily facilitate compliance with important legislative requirements such as PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley. Tech Industry by Michelle Meyers Nov 26, SSL Inspection intercepts encrypted traffic and inspects it for threats, prior to routing it to its final destination.

Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance fg80cus. Intrusion Prevention IPS technology provides protection against current and emerging network level threats. Last-minute Christmas deal fest: Wireless controller integrated into every FortiGate platform centralizes the management and monitoring of all FortiAP units.

Fortinet FORTIGATE 80c Fgc Firewall Appliance | eBay

Integrated Multi-Threat Protection The FortiGate product family fortogate cost-effective, comprehensive protection against network, content, and application-level threats. Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 21, With Fortinet, you deploy the network security you need to protect your intellectual property, preserve the privacy of critical customer information, and maintain regulatory compliance. With WAN Optimization, you can accelerate applications over your wide area links while ensuring multi-threat security enforcement.

You have a healthy — but not crazy — budget for that recipient on your list. Fortinet firewall technology delivers industry-leading performance for network and application firewalling including Web 2. The technology restricts access to denied categories based on the policy by comparing each Web address request to a Fortinet hosted database.


Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance Series

Call a Specialist Today! In addition to protecting your organization’s critical information, DLP also provides audit trails for data and files to aid in policy compliance. Here’s where to start. It is imperative for you to control the vast amount of confidential, regulated, and proprietary data traversing your network, and keep it within defined network boundaries.

The Fortinet Global Security Research Team creates these updates to ensure up-to-date protection against sophisticated threats. In addition to signature-based detection, we perform anomaly-based detection whereby our system alerts users to traffic that fits a profile matching attack behavior.

Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance fgv80cnfr. Web filtering technology is a pro-active defense feature that rortigate known locations of malware and blocks access to these malicious sources. You can use the wide range of configurable actions to log, block, and archive data, as well as ban or quarantine users.

Fortinet FORTIGATE 80c Fg-80c Firewall Appliance

Delivers up to 1. 8c FortiGate 80C – security appliance fg80cg. It defends your environment from complex, sophisticated attacks without degrading network availability and affecting application performance. The FortiGateC appliances deliver complete security for branch offices, small offices, and home offices, as well as service provider CPE and mobile point-of-sale applications Its FortiOS operating system offers a full suite of security services in one hardened platform: Our technology identifies traffic patterns and links them to the use of specific applications, such as forgigate messaging and peer-to-peer applications, permitting application access control.

USB-C ushers in a golden age of charging accessories Who knew power dongles could be so interesting? Reports can provide historical and current analysis of network activity to aid with identification of security issues and to prevent network misuse and abuse. They also ease migration to new industry standards such as IPv6, supporting dynamic routing or both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Fortinet’s market-leading security technology and research results in appliances providing unmatched protection against today’s sophisticated multi-vector threats.


Logitech confirms it was in talks to acquire Plantronics The Swiss fortkgate accessories maker had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker. The FortiGate product family delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, while reducing total cost of ownership.

If you currently own a FortiGate 80C, services and support can be purchased below. Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance fg80cr. Xbox, PlayStation, movies, phones and more Heck, I even threw in a desk. Web Filtering Web fortigatee technology is a pro-active defense feature that identifies known locations of malware and blocks access to these malicious sources.

Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance Overview – CNET

Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security rortigate fg80cnfr. Additional features include traffic optimization providing prioritization for traffic across VPNs. High Availability HA configuration enhances reliability and increases performance by clustering multiple FortiGate appliances into a single entity. Antivirus content inspection technology provides protection against virus, spyware, worms, phishing and other forms of malware being transmitted over the network infrastructure.

All performance values are “up to” and vary depending on system configuration. This results in improved performance of applications and network services, as well as helping to avoid additional higher-bandwidth provisioning requirements. Fortinet FortiGate 80C – security appliance fg80cusint. HA feature fortigzte included fortgate part of the FortiOS operation system so end-users can benefit from the reliability enhancement without the extra cost.

In addition the technology enables administrators to enforce policies based on website content categories ensuring users are not accessing content that is inappropriate for their work environment. Firewall Fortinet firewall technology delivers industry-leading performance for network and application firewalling including Web 2.