Do whatever you want with a Pa Uc 44fr Form: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other editable templates, any. Forms UC-2/2B,2A, or on the ‘Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form’, Form Financial Determination’, Form UCFR, and ‘Decision on Request for Relief. 2. Notices of Financial Determination (UCF(3)), Requests for Relief from Charges (UCFR), and determinations on requests for relief from charges ( Form.

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By way of brief background, Claimant worked for Employer, a staffing agency, from March until January Type in area on original draft response Employer Information forms in accordance with instructions provided by the clerk 3; verify completed responses for accuracy and make any necessary corrections, when assigned; annotate the claim; attach the original hc correspondence received and prepare to mail to the employer.

Check requests for timeliness Send out employer questionnaires Return determinations to employers as necessary Post annotations to claims Maintains filing systems by entering or retrieving materials and purging files as required. Because Claimant limits his appeal to the issue of the timeliness of Employer’s appeal of an initial service center determination, a detailed discussion of the facts regarding Claimant’s separation from employment is unnecessary.

Clerk 2 (Up to 2 Positions) REVISED

We may not consider the incomplete copy of the notice of financial determination appended to Claimant’s brief. Only after a claimant is financially eligible is the employer sent paperwork related to separation.

The employer did not file an appeal from the Notice of Determination.

Thus, Employer’s argument of form versus substance is without merit. A hearing ensued before a referee. Had Employer sought advice of counsel, it would have understood that the filing of an appeal from an eligibility determination is separate and distinct from the filing of a request for relief from charges.

As such, these issues are waived. Failure to adhere to these instructions will result in your materials not being considered for this position.


This determination process begins with the mailing to the employer of a copy of the part of the claimant’s application, entitled “Employer’s Notice of Application Request for Separation and Wage Information.

The January 14, notice of determination stated that Claimant was discharged “for reasons which are not considered willful misconduct in connection with his or her work because of unknown reasons” R. Additionally, Employer argues that this court has “expressed a pronounced policy favoring the full and fair hearing of all legal issues rightfully before the court irrespective of a litigant’s procedural errors” Brief at 10, citing Lautek v.


Because appeal provisions of the Act are mandatory, appellants carry a heavy burden to justify untimely appeals, and, absent proof of fraud, cannot prevail. Minimum Experience and Training Requirements: Employer’s final argument is that the UCFR form submitted on January 28, is in accordance with the permissive alternative written procedures contained in 34 Pa.

Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, Pa.

View Case Cited Cases. First National Bank Employer petitions for review of the June 17, order of the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review Boarddenying Employer’s request for relief from charges under section a of the Unemployment Compensation Law,[1] because a prior eligibility determination allowing benefits was not appealed. Recruitment Methods Applicants must meet one or more of the following methods to be considered for this vacancy: The language of section ecited previously in this opinion, is both clear and mandatory.

The letter which accompanied Employer’s UCFR form merely stated that Employer was enclosing a request fogm relief from charges. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, 81 Pa. The relevant factual and procedural history may be summarized as follows.

Here, a service center claims examiner issued a notice of determination that found Claimant eligible for benefits under Section e of the Law.

Citations are also linked in the body of the Featured Case. Pull, photocopy, and mail UC referee and Board of Review decisions. Seniority, defined as a minimum of one year s in the next lower class es by the posting closing date. Purge correspondence files and relief from charge files according to office procedures; purge appeals files.

Click on the case name yc see the full text of the citing case.

First Nat. v. Unemp. Comp. Bd. of Rev.

Discerning no merit in this assertion, we affirm. An appeal from an adverse UC service center determination must be filed within 15 days of the date the determination was mailed. Monitor form and envelope supply usage and initiate requests to reorder supplies when needed.

Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, 49 Pa. Unless the Claimant or last Employer or base year Employer of the Claimant files an appeal with the Board from the determination contained in any notice required to be furnished by the Department under section aforn and d within fifteen calendar days after such notice yc delivered to him personally, or was mailed to his last known post office address, and applies for a hearing, such determination of 44r Department, with respect to the particular facts set forth in such notice, shall be final and compensation shall be paid or denied in accordance therewith.


The notice of financial determination indicates whether a claimant received sufficient wages to be eligible for benefits and establishes the benefit rate and maximum amount of compensation payable to a claimant.

The following procedure may be followed: Kenneth Longley Claimant resigned from his position at First National Bank and applied for unemployment compensation benefits which were granted in an Office of Employment Security Bureau notice of determination dated January 14, The Board responds this Court should quash Claimant’s petition for review and brief because Claimant raises no issues regarding the Board’s order affirming the referee and denying benefits under Section e of the Law.

Contrary to employer’s contention, Lautek is inapposite to the present case because the petition for review at issue in Lautek was timely filed, although incomplete. How to Apply The following materials must be submitted with the online application: As explained more fully below, Claimant’s argument confuses the initial notice of financial determination with the separately issued notice of determination.

In this appeal, Kevin K. The burden of proof lies with the employer to bring itself within the relieving provisions of the Act or relief will be denied.

uc 44fr form –

According to Employer, Pennsylvania case law clearly supports granting parties “the frm to proceed with their case before an administrative agency after having been misled by agency authorities. On the completed UCFR form, Employer indicated that Claimant resigned after falsifying records and would have been discharged for willful misconduct if he had rorm resigned. Thus, Claimant’s argument fails. Act of December 5,Second Ex. On June 17,the Board issued an order affirming the Referee’s decision.

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Pa. The primary functions of this position include, but are not limited to: Employer timely appealed the notice of determination on June 26,asserting it discharged Claimant based on his falsification of an employment rorm.