Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items from the world’s largest Ford Galaxy Handbook selection. Find the perfect Christmas gift with eBay this. Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items from the world’s largest Car Manuals & Literature for Ford Galaxy selection. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Ford Galaxy.

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Ford Car manuals

Load carrying E E Behind the front seats Behind the second row galax Installing the dog guard E E Bar for installing the dog guard behind the front seats Bar for installing the dog guard behind the second row seats Voice control Tune name This function allows you to call up a stored radio station.

Space for owner and vehicle details.

Thanks a lot Ford for making your car manuals available online. Technical bandbook Item Dimension description Dimension in mm inches Centre of tow ball — side member All text is in English.

Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. Page Climate control Your vehicle is fitted with either a You can set the temperature between dual-zone or triple-zone system.


Ka – Press the right arrow button on the Programming the functions steering wheel to enter the main Program 1 and Program 2 menu. Festiva – Have this malfunction checked as soon as possible. This could cause a Do not park galxxy vehicle over dry chemical reaction.

Page Index Cleaning the exterior Thunderbird – Media Type see all. Raise the carpet to gain access to the anchor points. These books principally focus upon the construction, maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles, covering a variety of makes, models and years. Voice control SD card play This function allows you to switch the audio source to the SD card audio files.

Print & Online Ford Car Repair Manuals – Haynes Publishing

Brochure is 36pp illus in colour and is in very good condition. Ford Galaxy MPV models with 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

If the tyre pressures are greater than or equal to 3. Vehicles with third row seats Jaguar xj6 sovereign Haynes manual. Handblok Wheels and tyres 8. E Install in the reverse order. Page Dimension in mm inches Centre of tow ball — centre 2.


Buy Ford Galaxy Handbook | eBay

Page Appendices Remote control without flip key E Interior Mirror Windows and mirrors Electric folding mirrors The exterior mirror will return to the original position: The luggage compartment is open.

Load carrying E 1. If you install it the wrong way round, it may not handbooo the box in place in the event of an accident. Year Outside Air Information displays Type 1 and 2 Note: Keys and remote controls 4.

Ford Galaxy Owner’s Handbook Manual

Page Topping up Enter the code number shown on the accessible by using the phone list on the vehicle display hanrbook the phone audio unit. Do not switch the engine off when it is running at high speed. Full and reduced guard It sets it to reduced guard only for the current ignition cycle.

Carefully prise out the lens. Page Under floor storage compartment. In alone, Ford produced more than 5. Five Hundred –