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Promoting deivery of a preterm infant in a hospita with we equipped neonata resuscitation corner as described above and specia care newborn unit.

Critica determinants in decisionmaking Gestationa age Interpretation of surveiance tests which shoud accuratey predict perinata outcomes of importance death, major morbidity and neurodeveopmenta deay The neonata setup avaiabe Preterm SGA fetus prior to 32 weeks with: Feta programming and disease of newborn: Stimuating mutipe senses sends signas to the brain that strengthen the neura processes for earning.

This becomes dificut to impement in a country ike ours where there are ogistic dificuties for so many tests and dificut for the patients to come fasting from ong distances.

The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

Management Most recover spontaneousy. In postpartum period 2.

Administration of antenata corticosteroids combined with tocoysis for at east 2 days Inutero transfer to appropriate neonata care faciity in this time Antepartum administration of magnesium suphate for neuro protection: P reterm births are the most important singe determinant of adverse infant outcome, in terms of both surviva and quaity of ife.

They take a week to take effect and repeated doses are not required.


Preconception information Diagnosis and management of GDM Gycaemic contro in the preconception period, antenata and intrapartum periods Appropriate medications for controing diabetes and its compications Management of diabetic emergencies for e.

This has been vaidated in many studies and endorsed by WHO for resource poor settings. In fogxi with PTL, the rate of cervica ength change may fgsi predictive of preterm birth. Norma umbiica artery Dopper or with abnorma umbiica artery PI but end-diastoic veocities present: Cinica update ; Dr.

Bacteria Vaginosis BV has been found to increase the risk of preterm abor by two-fod in earier studies.


Resuscitation of babies at birth. Utrasonographic cervica ength assessment and feta ibronectin appear to be simiar in predictive abiity, and the combination of both in a high-risk popuation maybe of vaue.

When resuscitation is performed effectivey each step takes secs. Current testing, however, can ony provide a highy accurate recacuation of the probabiity that the fetus has Down syndrome. Higher dose regimen used fogsii treatment of vitamin D deiciency has not been studied. ffocus

With norma umbiica artery Dopper, a senior obstetrician shoud be invoved in determining the timing and mode of birth of these pregnancies.

Ganga s Cinic on To concude, we-being of the baby is the responsibiity of the Maternity Service, right from the time of birth ti actation is estabished.

These parameters are not ony dependant on the severity of feta compromise but aso on the gestationa age at the time of assessment. Compicaton of Figsi in Indian Scenario. Very few cases of Methimazoeembryopathy have been reported in infants cocus mothers treated with MM in the irst trimester.


For measuring cervica ength, a faint ine of echo density between interna and externa os needs to be identiied after pacing transvagina probe in the anterior Fig 2 N Eng J Med ; Recent advances in management of preterm abor.


Sunight exposure is inuenced by skin coor, atitude, season, ife stye and cutura practice. Deayed cord camping in newborns by at east 1 min has shown to increase iron stores.

A1c is usefu in monitoring the gucose contro during pregnancy, but not for the day to day management. Fogsu fruits and ama are good sources. Guidance for appropriate successfu breastfeeding and baby care is given before and after deivery Pre-Deivery and PostDeivery Counseing. The IMS Act shoud be adhered to by every faciity in true spirit It shoud be used for surveiance in the preterm SGA fetus with abnorma umbiica artery Dopper and can be used to time deivery.

If this does not happen, you can repeat the dose every minutes. Persona habits such as smoking, acoho, caffeine, using certain 6 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D medications and street drugs can negativey and irreversiby affect the deveopment of focue baby, which happens in the eary stages of pregnancy.

At the end of a norma transition, the neonate is breathing air and using his ungs for gas exchange.