hi there, got some time to spend for another build(and because weather is really crap for the moment to attempt flying), jepe mig 29!! the plan. Like all Version 3 RCPowers planes they have been designed for a quick build. This plane is no exception. Very simple and straightforward. Just be careful as. shipping 1 Piece 4CH rc plane MIG electric remote control fighter jet toy planes kt foam rc airplane with LED fast ship Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!.

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Foamg 04, Where do you have the struts from?! Those struts Come from jet power this year but i m pretty sure they come From hk!

Originally Posted by gianni sanchez so I wouldn’t rely on it to hold a 3S mAH battery even! But maybe I will. Unfortunately right after joining all those pieces I realised I had forgotten to do the main gear retract wiring! So that will mean it should remain over the 1: The yellow parts come from the tetris f i bought at bukvorez. Ru, but i’m sure u already know it as u build yourself the mig 29 by the way nice and clever build!

FlyFly Mig 29 twin 90mm. I considered mounting the retract to store the nose wheel rearwards, as per the full scale actually does! So on its lower side downwards it has a medium sized extra bass-balsa plywood plate added. But the rear end, where the retract goes, is also strongly supported by hefty foam areas of the UPPER fuselage – which is fosmy forces will try to head foamj the nose gear.

Originally Posted by gianni sanchez the “show room ” mig 29 is finally done! The Wings don’t feel like they really need any long 6mm x 1mm carbon fiber strips slotted into them, to reach more outwards to the tip areas.


This new arrangement was also great to make the power wiring EASY to connect and store any excess leads in that rear hatch area. I used 4mm piano wire, so that I could use the “L” setup method to mount it into the Taileron, but I would have preferred to use 5mm carbon fiber ROD ESCs I wanted to mount the ESCs with their heatsinks facing into the inlet ducting, but to do that was going to be a very messy task!

Nov 19, Graham d Registered User. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Dec 10, So it should be able to do 3. The Hobbyking Trailing Link landing gear set has quite short main gear. I changed the Taileron 3mm stock pivot system to a 4mm setup.

At W total power migg-29 EDF’s will be able to exceed that 3. Mar 26, Once that underside nose portion and the main fuselage is all glued together I will probably add another 20mm or so of battery tray, to allow even more CofG range adjustment.

AND also gain some good benefits from each of those having done that too! Nov 04, Feb 25, And wont last even one flight from a grass flying field!

Another FlyFly Mig Fulcrum kit??

HobbyKing Mig 29 – Glue-N-Go Series – Foamboard Kit

I could also have mig29 them vertically ‘sideways’, back to back, with a mounting system for that, but then they are very close and cramped so the cooling would foqmy be as good as the way I have done it now. It will only need the ‘Medium’ sized Retract units, with 4mm on all oleos. This was no problem as it just means the RC stuff goes under that rear hatch instead, plus the rear battery is pushed in from that rear hatch, forwards into the main battery tray.


I set it up for the Trailing Link type, but the looks do irk me Seeing I am using that same tray as the mount for the nose gear, it needed two levels of extra strengthening, and also to be longer.

Completing the Fuselage then allowed to move onto fitting the Wings I actually do not have anything to do this, but I will find something This will expand to fully surround the Spar in the Wing section. That can be the last thing done To achieve this, from a ‘flat’ retract mount, you just need to incline the retract itself using spacers.

I will think it over as I go Return to PeterVRC’s blog. And it is also too hard to alter the main gear to operate in the proper foay scale’s direction, so no great use in getting just the nose gear ‘right’ anyway. This ate a hole a bit larger than 8mm really, but that was fine as I aimed to use PU glue for the Wing Spar into the wing.

mig 29 jepe fast foam scale mods – RC Groups

The batteries would SAG with a pair of them running, and the Amps, so drop off some chunk and it would probably still come in at 4. Mar 15, But those are also 8S capable too Basically it is all a VERY strong assembly in the nose now!

I want fomay keep it under 3. I had to extend the battery tray further also, to give a large range of CofG adjustment.

They could also be easily added any time in the future anyway, if it seemed necessary for more rigidity in the Wings.