FM 10-67-1 PDF

Section I. Accountability and Inventory. PETROLEUM ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND REPORTS. Soldiers storing or transferring class III products must. provide extensive information about FM ( ). SUPERCESSION STATEMENT. This publication supersedes ATP dated 21 July , FM dated 2 April. and FM

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Figure, shows an innage tape and bob. 10-67-11 types of contamination are given below. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 69 to 81 range mm long, 14 mm diameter, with diameter. This settling puts stress on the tank structure and pipes.

Maintenance requirements of line handling equipment include the following. A fuel is dry when it contains no undissolved water. There should be no paste left on the portion of the bob that was in the water or the paste should be discolored.

To maintain pipeline supports, follow these steps:. This manual is oriented toward tactical field operations and deals with the responsibilities of both management and operator personnel. Enter Your Email Address. It is 36 inches long. Make sure the 10-67-11 is not lowered so far into the tank that the bob will tilt and cause an incorrect reading. It must be clean and dry. Part Three describes Army aircraft refueling operations. DA Form Innage gage sheet Using innage tape and bob.


Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? To maintain the security fences, follow these steps.

Use the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage in nonpressurized rail tank cars that have shell outages of 1 foot or less. Gage tankers and rail tank cars with specific measuring devices as described in the paragraph above. Hydrometer, graduated scale, 1067-1 29 to 41 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. Stencil the date of the test on the hose in a subdued color black or gray and keep a 10-6-1 record of the tests.

Innage is the depth of the product from its surface to the tank bottom or datum plate. The calibration charts should be checked periodically. It weighs 22 pounds. Outage tape and bob use. Table shows minimum immersion times for the cup-case thermometer in various petroleum products. Line handling devices are subject to corrosion. It is the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob and gage the tank again. Review the last innage gage sheet 10-671 to determine expected product level before gaging a tank.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. A multileg mooring facility Figure is used to anchor a tanker in position offshore during a fuel transfer. Working personnel, military or civilian, perform better when high standards of safety, cleanliness, orderliness, and appearance are maintained. Ffm, graduated scale, API 39 to 51 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer.


Lower the yardstick into the drum 01-67-1 get a wet-inch-depth reading. Gaging operations requires using special terms. This is necessary to find the actual product amount present in the tank. Emergency repairs are also necessary to mend the structural damage caused by moving vessels, ice, petroleum spills, and high waves. If the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste 10-7-1 the tape. The angle is attached at the zero mark on the gage stick.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ) by Army, Department of the

Product listings are not comprehensive. Repairs to structures such rm piers and pilings cannot be done by organizational maintenance personnel. Temperature measuring procedures are as follows:. They are fastened to the pier with anchor bolts.

Check for rust, scale, dirt, foreign objects, and water. When the sample is from a packaged product, all markings on the container should be copied on the sample tag. Using the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage.