Appendix A – M24 Fluokit Disposal Procedures. Fluokit Indoor Ring Main Units contain Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulating medium which is. AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR. FLUOKIT M+ MV modular switchgear up to 24kV. Technical Specifications. AREVA T&D. Summary. Cubicle equipment. FLUOKIT M+ cubicles include the following features: Operating Cubicles in the FLUOKIT M+ range all have functional . Fluokit M24 & M24+ meets your.

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It is necessary for anchoring fluojit profile sections to the floor. Floor openings under the Functional Units 6. Substation installation requirements The substation must be sheltered from flooding and any infiltrations.

No ducts of any kind must pass through the substation’s immediate environment without special protection sheaths or ducts. Layout on a type 2 cable trough, with width of more than 50cm Whenever the width of the cable trough exceeds 50 cm, it is necessary to fit the longitudinal support irons to support the left and right-hand uprights for each Functional Unit.

This condensation can be avoided by an appropriate lay-out of the room or of the building suitably adapted ventilation, air driers, heating etc.

Fluokit M24+ – Schneider Electric |

The room must be equipped with standardised high level and low level ventilation. It will be the reference point for levelling the irons. The dressing of a top floukit of cement using a rule should eliminate any surface irregularities greater than 2 mm per metre. Non respect of these instructions is likely to invalidate any guarantee.


Responsibilities Our devices are quality controlled and tested at the factory in accordance with the standards and the regulations currently in force. Cable troughs and ducts must be blocked up to avoid: Threaded fasteners with grease: Levelling the profile sections. Generally this depth [P] is equal to generally higher than the bend radius of the fkuokit [R]. This document has been printed on ecological paper Publishing: Schneider Electric declines any responsibility for the consequences: On the un-surfaced exposed concrete, pour a top coat of smooth finish, without ballast.

FLUOKIT M24+ – Operation Maintenance Instructions

Altitude of the connecting points in relation to the cable flanges other than mounting base. Certain passages must be sufficient for free movement and execution of operation and maintenance manoeuvres, – leave the room’s access door free, – take all measures to prevent all incidence of climatic conditions humidity, pollution, etc.

M12x30 hook bolt 8. Work on the Civil Engineering structure.

Apparatus efficiency and apparatus life depend on the compliance with the installation, commissioning and operation instructions described in this user manual. Contact the Schneider Electric service unit for diagnoses and advice: They must be in the same horizontal plane.


They must be equipped with all the correct protective equipment required for the task being performed. Installation of the switchboard at height, on a frame. Contacts Group Schneider Electric service centers are there for: Realign the passage on the front inner edge of the cable trough.

Rear deflectors Wall fixing bracket mm min. Symbols of information 06 Code for a product recommended and marketed by Schneider Electric 21 Nm Tightening torque value Example: Do not place Functional Units below any ventilation grilles, air vents, or air conditioning grilles or in the immediate proximity of glass tile panels in direct contact with the outside.


Browse services Field Services Optimize the life cycle of your assets, improve performance, safety, and reduce maintenance costs — all with an experienced provider of complete field services and a partner you can trust. The average water vapour pressure over a period of 24 hours must not exceed 22 mbar. It is therefore generally installed on the side of the road.

Re-installation of the circuit breaker Proceed with the operations in the reverse order for rei nstalling the circuit breaker.

The length of the cable is calculated as a function of the altitude fluokig of the connecting point. Complete this assembly by the lateral irons. Smooth finish top coat Un-surfaced exposed concrete 9. Symbols and important safety informations. Its thickness must be about 40mm of cement dosed at kg of CPA.

Pouring the m244 top coat. Reserve opening for connecting the earthing cable. Its thickness must be about 70mm of cement dosed at kg of CPA.

Pouring the cement top coat Block off the irons to avoid penetration of cement into the rail.