In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murd. With this grin-on-your-face, hair-streaming-in-the-wind joyride of a novel, Enoch ( England’s Perfect Hero) takes a confident leap from historical. Playing With Fire Will Get A Girl burned The Palm Beach job should have been a slam dunk for thief extraordinaire Samantha Jellicoe: relieve a British.

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Instead of completing the job, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed and she saves the sexy and ve Whatever this partnership was going to be, it wasn’t simple. I think what I liked best was the luxury of the settings, the splendor and the wealth, plus the clash of wary, suspicious Sam’s daanger street-person instincts trust no one, keep backpack ready to climb out window and the soothing, almost hypnotic spell cast by Rick’s warm and tender devotion.

Her uncertainty about this whole deal grew, and she tried to drown the butterflies in her stomach with a swallow of water.

Okay, granted, I’m married. I absolutely loved how they slowly revealed bits and pieces of themselves and their pasts to one another. And it looks like the only way to prove her innocence is to trust the very man she tried to rob. Jun 07, Carol Storm rated it really liked it.

It’s hardly a stretch that her presence in the home of a fkirting where a bomb went off is connected. View all 18 comments. Il romanzo si legge con piacere, ma manca un po’ di mordente. She smirked at the attorney, not having to feign irritation as they continued to argue on Worth Avenue. She’s still having fun with the basic concept of romance.


She’s the burglar who save his life and then they have to work together to figure out who and why. Sandy Coleman Review Date: In the way that some people are born knowing they want to be astronauts or cellists, Suzanne always knew she wanted to be a writer.

When she is implicated for attempted murder, she goes to Addison for help, offering to help him find out who was trying to kill him in exchange. Sam Jellicoe was the real revelation, though. She’s a good thief and will own up to her jobs, but if anyone thinks to tie her to murder, they better think again.

But on this particular night, Richard Addison is mad as hell. I mean, let’s be honest, most billionaires are too busy doing their own thing to work out and look like a soccer player, for realz GUYS!

Contemporary Romance Review Tags: Samantha Jellicoe is a thief and proud of it. It started with a literal bang, and kept up with the twists and turns, leaving me guessing at every turn, finally building up to a rather delicious climax.

Addison started to say something, then closed his mouth again. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Richard was a nice character, too. After all, Sam is really cute. To ask other readers questions about Flirting With Dangerplease sign up. This series has everything I love about a great contemporary series. Uncertainty, or lust, Sam? I mean, they just steal stuff, right? Refresh and try again. But the plot felt formulaic — not really creatively different. I loved him mostly because of his amazing banter with Sam.


Samantha Jellicoe is a thief and proud of it. Would love to get audio versions of these books, preferably narrated by Susan Ericksen who does J.

Flirting With Danger

Not until she could figure out for herself what the hell it meant. This all changed, however, the night she attempts to steal a valuable item from a Palm Beach estate. We I feel like the author is a good writer and I was compelled to buy the second book in the series to check it out, but it was a little light for my tastes, more chick-lit than I usually read, but still enjoyable.

This might sound morbid, but Uszanne have half a mind to save the last two for my deathbed.

Regency Romance Author Suzanne Enoch

Not only did he just have his gallery blown up-with him about to enter it-but the woman who rescued him didn’t stick around to offer any explanations. Don’t you think it’s time we got a Female version of James Bond already?

Samantha Jellicoe is one of the best, and most expensive, cat burglars in the world. Buy Flirting with Danger: There are sequels which continue their relationship. Trivia About Flirting With Dan She had been jealous, but no way was she going to tell him that.

I absolutely adored her. Something so identifiable as the scent of raspberries can be the downfall of a criminal.