Flashman and the Angel of the Lord: From the Flashman Papers, | George MacDonald Fraser | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret. “A jolly read.”—The Wall Street Journal The tenth installment in The Flashman Papers finds Captain Harry Flashman of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the.

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Of course, he finds ways to end up in bedrooms in the middle of the raid. He is his usual self again, bawdy, cowardly, ready to run in a moment, bumbling his way into the great events that always have a knack of happening around him. Perhaps not one of the very best, but hugely enjoyable!

Flashman gets out of scrapes due to ever more unlikely coincidences, ov are more sex scenes than usual and they seem just a ti I enjoyed this book, but less than probably any other Flashman I’ve read. You are commenting using your WordPress. Not the best Flashman book, a little bit too Anr Bond-ish, with far too many badly judged sex-ploits for even Flashy and a basic sense of reality to be maintained.

Books by George MacDonald Fraser. Though Flashman says the darnedest things about him, Brown comes out of the book with a halo around his head. However, it’s tlashman of the few times in the papers when Flashman sounds like Fraser rather than himself.

One last double-cross exists: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Views Read Edit View history.

How many got five dollahs in they pocket? See 1 question about Flashman and the Angel of the Lord….


Flashman and the Angel of the Lord – Wikipedia

It is so, Joe? I enjoyed this book, but less than probably any other Flashman I’ve read. Learn how your comment data is processed. But I’m fast running out of Flashmans There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I have always argued that the Flashman novels are not merely superb history, delivered in an extremely palatable fashion, but that Flashman himself is a perfect metaphor for the Nineteenth Century, and British Imperial History.

Evading danger, bedding women, and profiting from every opportunity, Flashman once again weasels his way int “A jolly read.

Also this is quite a long book for a single event. Flashman is always fun. According to Fraser, no one knows for sure. A good entry, but not as great as the original or Flashman And The Tiger.

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tbe Review quote ‘Flashman is a wonderful creation, by a master storyteller. In this installment Harry Flashman winds up entangled in abolotionist John Brown’s disastrous but seminal Harpers Ferry raid, an event which almost singlehandedly plunged the United States into the Civil War.

History and Memories This little section follows each blog.

Sticking like a train to it’s historical tracks there is less “fiction” within the papers than normal. As usual, there are the incredible strokes of bad luck, which usually involve a woman, that leads him halfway round the world to his new mis adventure.

Of course, the man deserves it for swaying the opinions of the country with his raid. Flashman is not a nice human being. Tbe comes as no surprise that a man of his forceful personality should have risen in society in the past near-decade, nor that he still harbours a modicum of resentment towards Flashy. This makes the book far more of a group ensemble than the usual instalment and in the John Brown part of the novel Flashman is almost a detached narrator at times, which I think is unique in the Papers.


Until I angsl this novel, it had just been a name to me. Another ripping yarn, this time about the Abolitionist raid that effectively triggered the American Civil War.

Feb 27, Tim O’Neill rated it really liked it. The version I listened to was not the Audible version featuring Timothy West as a narrator, annd, it was t Full Disclosure: Who would expect him to do this o the East Coast of America?

Flashman and the Angel of the Lord fits flashmaj between the Fifth and Eighth Packets, taking our man Harry from the end of the Indian Mutiny to a precarious position less than six months before his presence in Hong Kong, waiting to return home.

However, Fraser was sufficiently fascinated by John Brown, and the match that lit the fuse, to drag his character halfway round the world, and leave him having to go nearly halfway back to get back on track.

I think a more likely explanation perhaps an unstated other reasonis that he found thee sheer amount of material available on the Civil War daunting. If triggered by historical racism or sexism this series isn’t a good choice. I would say word of Flashman in good form. His execution of the narrative, however, is muddled and I lost track of who thee who af Alas.