Get SEC filings for Firstsource Solutions Ltd (FSL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). The report had been provided to the Northern Territory Government on 30 April , . The first source is the Stronger Futures consultations undertaken in the . The Financial impact of this Bill is put in the Explanatory Memorandum as – 98aaca1cd0e//;fileType=application%2Fpdf: ‘The. filings like the K and Q data, the EDGAR site is a first-source repository for the . Loughran and McDonald () link the tone of the annual report .. on a form having at least one non-robot request (of any file type).

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Under proposed section 68 the Secretary or the authorised officer must give written notice to the owner and manager of the assessment and its purpose along with the name of the relevant officer s. The views expressed in Bills Digests do not reflect an official position of the Australian Parliamentary Library, nor do they constitute professional legal opinion.

This notice must specify the reasons and invite written submissions within a specified time frame proposed section Many provisions and issues associated with those Bills were flagged in the Bills Digests prepared at the time.

It will be interesting to see the views of the Scrutiny of Bills Committee on these provisions, since the strict liability provisions do not seem congruent with the overall tone of the Bill and the necessity for this formula is unclear.

There are three main parts to this Bill and each one has a substantial issue behind it. If access to the store or documents is required then written notice must be given at least ten business days beforehand unless the period is shorter by agreement. The Part is broken into two functional divisions — one dealing with town camps and the other dealing with community living areas.

It is noted here that the Explanatory Memorandum at p. Whilst compliance is an admirable goal, compliance without capacity does little to achieve food security.

Proposed Subdivision A deals with civil penalties. If such a per capita rate was replicated in Sydney it would be about 22, Similarly, the group called the Northern Territory Elder and Community Representatives, claimed the consultation report:.

And the gap in child protection indicators between indigenous and non-indigenous has increased across the NT for a range of indicators. If the amount is paid within the appropriate timeframe then the offence cannot be prosecuted and there is no proceedings for a civil penalty order.


Creative Commons With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and to the extent that copyright subsists in a third party, this publication, its logo and front page design are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. There are defences to these offences for people in a boat engaged in recreational boating or commercial fishing activities proposed subsections 75B 2 or 75C 2 and for those who are on organised tours proposed subsections 75B 4 and 75C 4.

In the last mentioned it was concluded: The supply tap must be turned down, nationally as well as in the NT.

Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows: Other sources should be consulted to determine the official status of the Bill.

In the name of job creation, welfare dependence is increasing.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd(FSL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

There is widespread criticism of the way the government undertook the so-called consultation and cherry-picked the results to support the decisions already made. The legal professional privilege virstsource preserved in proposed section and whatever NT laws are capable of operating concurrently with the Part are preserved by proposed section In that period there has also been a rhetorical shift in indigenous affairs policy.

Part 4 gives the Commonwealth the power to regulate community store licences in the Northern Territory, including the 2101 to impose conditions on licences granted to store managers and owners. The reprot of suspending the application of the Racial Discrimination Act was questioned, as was the likely efficacy of the income management regime.

At the time there was much debate on all the above flagged measures. Since —08 indigenous hospitalisation rates NT-wide not just in NTER communities have increased from per to per However the person is not regarded as having admitted guilt or firstskurce for the alleged contravention proposed section These notices are defined in proposed Division 4 Notices about alcohol offences in alcohol protected areas.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd

The Australian Government, in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, is now acting on the issues people said were the most urgent:. House of Representatives Portfolio: Main issues There are three main parts to this Bill and each one has a substantial issue behind it. In assessing the store the authorised officer may consult with whoever the authorised officer considers appropriate proposed section Division8—Enforcement relating to food security Proposed Subdivision A deals with civil penalties.


These circumstances are subject to review by annhal AAT proposed section Over the ensuing years some of the measures in those original Bills have been revisited.

Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill – Parliament of Australia

It is specified that an interim injunction may be firstsourcd. The Government has stated that the measures in these Bills are informed by feedback from two sources.

Once the relevant notice has been given and any submissions have been considered the Secretary may make a determination on this matter which must then be communicated to the relevant parties, along with relevant information such as the timeframe for applying for a licence, and the need to do so proposed section If the owner of a community store is not registered under the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act CATSI Act when there is a determination that they should be —and they are aware of this determination —then they are liable to a civil penalty under proposed section 61 subject to various defences specified in the proposed Act subsections 2 and 3.

Proposed section 91 goes on to give the details of what is required. Our experience at the front line of remote retail services has found that store managers and operators generally lack basic business management and retail skills.

Members, Senators and Parliamentary staff can obtain further information from the Parliamentary Library viletype 02 This Digest does not have any official legal status. The Minister has suggested that the already underway process of tenure clarification has enabled new houses to be built and work on firstsoudce to commence.

Finally proposed section provides a range of actions from the Part which will be covered by the AAT. The positive investments contribute to improving school attendance.