On January 11,, we, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), published Advisory Circular (AC) B recognizing RTCA/DOB, Software. FAA Underestimated Complexity of Proving the Integrity Requirement SAE ARP /, RTCA DOB; Consists of Audits/Reviews of. [5] FAA AC B, RTCA DOB – FAA policy which invokes RTCA [6] RTCA DOB/EUROCAE EDB, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems.

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Level C 57 Objectives. FAA lists DOB as a means of compliance that is acceptable to the regulators of software in the avionics community.

Tools generating embedded code are qualified as development toolswith the same constraints as the embedded code. Source to Object code verification, Refer 6. The FAA applies DOB as the document it uses for guidance to determine if the software will perform reliably in an airborne environment, [1] when specified by the Technical Standard Order TSO for which certification is sought.

FAA DO Development

Archived copy as title link. Firstly, DOB is a guidelines document not a standard to follow strictly. Thanks for putting question on Do ,This question are really good.

In the software coding process, the Source Code is implemented from the software Architecture and the low-level requirements. Advances in systems safety: Federal Aviation Administration, the organization responsible for controlling air traffic safety in the United States.

DOB – Wikipedia

Safety attributes in the design and as implemented as functionality must receive additional mandatory system safety tasks to drive and show objective evidence of meeting explicit safety requirements.


This page was last edited on 27 So178bat A derived requirement is something that we infer or derive from a user requirement.

Derived requirements are lesser than user requirements. DOC alone is not intended to guarantee software safety aspects. DOB defines five software levels based on severity of failure. The design description is definition of the software architecture and the low-level Requirements that will satisfy the software high-level requirements.

The software requirements process uses the outputs of the system life cycle process to develop the software high-level requirements. This page was last edited on 4 Daaat Hi Venkat, Thanks for visiting the site!! Requirements traceability is concerned with documenting the life of a requirement.

The failure conditions are categorized by their effects on the aircraft, crew, and passengers.

It became available for sale and use in January Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For objectives that must be satisfied with independence, the person verifying the item such as a requirement or source code may not be the person who authored the item and this separation must be clearly documented. These activities are defined by the project planners as part of the Planning process.

In the same report, they do178n note that DOC seems well-poised to address this issue. Therefore, DOB central theme is design assurance and verification after the prerequisite safety requirements have been established.

DO178B Interview Questions

DOB is not intended as a software development standard; it is software assurance using a set of tasks to meet objectives and levels of rigor.


DOC will contain more details on software modeling and the potential ability to use modeling to supplant some of the verification techniques normally required in DOB. It is the software safety analyses that drive the system safety assessments that determine the DAL that drives the appropriate level of rigor in DOB. It really only needs to be retained.

He ensures process complies by assessing plans and procedures for compliance. Thanks for visiting the Website!!!!!

Vending machine on aircraft. Meaning it needs to have baselines, change management, etc. This process handles problem reports, changes and related activities. This in itself is a detailed process.

Level D 28 Do178. If you add independent objective in question 16 software table, it will good for the beginners. Traceability from system requirements to all source code or executable object code is typically required depending on software level.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please refer the DO B Pdf for more information. The system safety assessments combined with methods such as SAE ARP A determine the after mitigation DAL and may allow reduction of the DOB software level objectives to be satisfied if redundancy, design safety features and other architectural forms of hazard mitigation are in requirements driven by the safety analyses.