The thin glass tube envelope is 19 mm in diameter and, excluding the B9A base pins, is 70 mm tall. References: Datasheet, &. Type EZ81 was first introduced in. EZ Double anoDe rectifying tube max 77,8 max 22,2 max 71,4. Base: NOVAL uf = 6,3 V if = 1 a. Typical Characteristics: Capacitor. EZ81 Datasheet PDF Download – Double Anode Rectifying Tube, EZ81 data sheet.

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A thorough inspection is performed on every component of the tube internal system before assembly.

Collection of Peter Gruschka D. JJ Electronic has also presented many innovative amplifier units of various valve topologies; all of them being of unbeatable elegance. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

Collection of Alberto Ammendola I. Collection of Heinz Schmidt D. Collection of Ekkehard Pfau D.

Collection of Karl – Heinz Bossan D. In fact what really decides the outcome is whether minimal manufacturing tolerances can be applied or not. Collection of Tor Steinnes N. Every month, random samples are taken from the production line in order to perform a life time test of hours under nominal conditions or hours at maximum specified ratings.


Collection of Miguel Lopez C.

EZ81 Datasheet

Collection of Georges Werts B. Collection of Franco Antolini I. Antique radios, Old Time Radios. This famous brand of audio tube manufacturing, located in Slovakia, Europe, needs no special introduction.

EZ81 Datasheet PDF

All internal parts are heated by a high frequency heater and any spurious dust particles are evacuated. EZ81 End of forum contributions about this tube.

Collection of Hans-Peter Fritzwanker D. Collection of Ralf Meinke D. Finally, the getter rings are activated, while they absorb any residual gas inside the glass envelope of the tube.

Collection of Ottmar Rollmann D. You reach this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on datashete radio model page.

Many of them are based on JJ tubes and have their own share of success among the members of the greek audio DIY family. Collection of Trev Levick D.


EZ81 @ The Valve Museum

Assembled systems are then sent to sealing in a glass envelope. Collection of Tomasz Szczesniak PL.

Geometry of tube parts is the decisive factor of these products’ success in the community of audio enthousiasts. As the official website states: Collection of Hermann Fleischanderl A. Collection of Christian Schaufelberger CH. Next, the assembled datasheett envelopes are evacuated by mechanical and diffusion vacuum pumps. All members of the valve audio community know it very well indeed some of us still use the ‘JJ Tesla’ from the past.

EZ81 Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

Today, we offer an assortment of more than 20 types of tubes. Collection of Danko Tkalec HR. Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F. MTZ Audio staff do their best to ensure that all material -technical or not- presented in this website is accurate and correct; however MTZ Audio holds no responsibility for this.