Other parts of pineapple are also investigated for the presence of bromelain () including peel, core and crown etc. Extraction of bromelain from. EXTRACTION, PURIFICATION OF BROMELAIN FROM PINEAPPLE AND DETERMINATION OF ITS EFFECT ON BACTERIA CAUSING. et al recorded the first isolation of bromelain in from Bromelain is a crude protein extract obtained from pineapple fruit and stem, which comprises a.

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Researchers are implementing various modifications in RMS to upgrade the yield and purification fold. Pineapple plant also contains minor quantities of other proteinases froom ananain and comosain Nadzirah et al. Once extracted, the crude mixture containing required enzyme is then exposed to numerous purification stages to eradicate impurities that may interfere with bromelain to hinder its application and reduce the specific activity of the enzyme Illanes Retards formation of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin resulting in fast recovery.

Bromelain promotes the disruption of thrombus, reduces the platelets clumping, blood viscosity and thus reduces the harshness of angina pectoris Metzik et al. Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes.

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Role of bromelain in the treatment of patients with pityriasislichenoideschronica. Efficacy of enzymatic debridement of deeply burned hands.


Use of reverse micellar systems for the extraction and purification of bromelain from pineapple wastes. High-speed counter-current chromatography Pinfapple has also been used to purify bromelain which generated 3.

Purification and drying of bromelain. So the extraction and purification strategy Figure 1 designed should be selective for the desired product, cheap, high yielding and speedy Gupta et al.

Extraction of bromelain from pineapple peels.

OD at nm of Stem samples. Kasetsart J Nat Sci. The present study was carried out to assess the accumulation of bromelain in the different parts of the pineapple. Asia Pac J ClinNutr.

Bromelain: Methods of Extraction, Purification and Therapeutic Applications

Preparative purification of bromelain EC 3. ATPS has been used to recover bromelain from the peel of pineapple and gave The stacking gel was gently cut away and the separating gel was rxtraction overnight in a plastic container which was filled with 20 ml of Coomasie blue stainer. Efficacy of reverse micellar extracted fruit bromelain in meat tenderization. It can be observed that the concentration of the purified bromelain was the highest in the pulp rxtraction by the stem, peel and lowest in the leaves.

Natural products and anti-inflammatory activity.

The purified enzyme was then evaluated for its inhibitory activity on the growth of the bacteria causing periodontitis.

Therapeutic Application of Pineapple Protease Bromelain: This apparatus was connected to the power supply and was started at V.


Extraction of bromelain from pineapple peels.

The final step was to find out the effect of bromelain from leaves and stem of pineapple on pathogens of periodontitis. Determination of optimum temperature for enzyme activity: Akt a protein kinase controls numerous cellular processes and is a key player in cardiovascular diseases.

Bromelain is a potent analgesic and displays a direct effect on certain mediators of pain like bradykinin Brien et al. These include P leukemia, sarcoma SA epidermoid carcinoma, A melanoma, lewis lung cancer Batkin et al. Pienapple parts of pineapple are also investigated for the presence of bromelain Ketnawa et al.

The lanes showing clear bands indicate that the bromelain fraction in these lanes was pure. Effects on fibrinogen, fibrin, and blood coagulation of proteolytic extracts from fruits of Pseudananasmacrodontes, Bromeliabalansae, and B. The precipitated enzymes were centrifuged at 10, rpm and the pellets obtained were dissolved in 5 ml of 20 mM PB which was then subjected bromelaain dialysis.

Determination of the MIC: