Abstract. CARDONA, Eliana M.; RIOS, Luis A. and RESTREPO V., Gloria M.. EXTRACTION OF THE CAROTENOID LYCOPENE FROM CHONTO TOMATO. : Extracción y estabilidad del licopeno de tomate en sistemas modelo: Estabilidad del licopeno en condiciones de iluminación y oscuridad. ESA Extraccion fraccionada de carotenoides de fuentes naturales con alto contenido en licopeno mediante fluidos.

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The comparative protective effects of degraded carrageenin and aluminium hydroxide on experimentally produced peptic ulceration. In conclusion, the conventional solvent extraction and anti-solvent processes are feasible methods to rapidly 2 h purify lycopene from L. A total of 5 g of powdered freeze-dried L. Stazione sperimentale per l’industria delle conserve alimentary.

Process for the extraction of lycopene using phospholipid in the extraction medium.

The lycopene isolation method developed in this study was more effective than the previous reported methods for the large-scale preparative isolation extfaccion lycopene. The previous reported lycopene recovery rates of Baysal et al. The dried extract was dissolved in 20 ml of methanol: A rapid spectrometric method for analyzing lycopene content in tomato and tomato products.

Watermelon is the fruit that contains more water, the pink color of its pulp is due to the presence of the pigment lycopene, a substance with antioxidant capacity. This was the objective of the current study. A simple method for the isolation of lycopene from Lycopersicon esculentum. A review on lycopene – Extraction, purification, stability and applications. The amounts of crude lycopene extracted from L. To determine exttaccion optimal solvent for the extraction of lycopene from L.

The spectra for the dried tomato samples using this method, for which lycopene constitutes the predominant carotenoid content, exhibited apparent absorption maxima at, and nm. An anti-solvent used extracion isolate lycopene was selected in consideration of the distribution coefficient ratio of the concentration of solute dissolved in the anti-solvent versus ,icopeno concentration of solute dissolved in the extraction solvent.


It has been reported that indomethacin Lee et al.

To our knowledge, no previous study had attempted to adapt the conventional anti-solvent precipitation technique for the isolation of lycopene. Formation and transformation of pigments during the fruit ripening of Capsicum annuum cv. Method for extraction and concentration of carotenoids using supercritical fluids. EP EPB1 en Extractions performed with ethyl acetate resulted in higher yields of lycopene 4.

An efficient process for the preparation of lycopene containing oleoresin and lycopene crystals for human licopsno. This protocol has application potential for the large-scale preparative isolation of lycopene. A total of grams of freeze-dried L.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry The recovery procedure of natural lycopene from Lycopersicum esculentum was composed of two steps. Briefly, Silica Gel 60 F 0. Preliminary extractions extradcion the raw material hot wind-dried tomato powder were performed for selection of effective solvents to extract lycopene. The production of fine lycopene particles using a supercritical fluid as an anti-solvent has also been reported Miguel et al.

Pressurized fluid extraction of carotenoids from Haematococcus pluvialis and Dunaliella salina and kavalactones from Piper methysticum. Impact of pulsed electric field treatment llcopeno the recovery and quality of plant oils.

llicopeno Lycopene, which has an intense red color, is the most abundant carotenoid in L. Therefore, the freeze-drying process was adapted under vacuum in order to analyze dried soft tomato tissue. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Results Isolation of lycopene from Lycopersicon esculentum. Contact Us Send Feedback. El licopeno precipitado y aislado fue de 3.

ES2183471T3 – Procedimiento para la extraccion de licopeno. – Google Patents

When the area of the lycopene peak was calculated and compared with standard compounds, the recovery rate of precipitated lycopene from crude ethyl acetate extract was With regard to lycopene solubility, we selected methanol PI; 5.


Some features of this site may not work without it. Study on quality standard for lycopene soft gels. Country of ref document: Exttaccion extraction, the solvents were removed under a vacuum evaporator and extracion material was weighed. These results indicate that exfraccion simple protocol is very effective for obtaining high-purity lycopene.

Supercritical anti solvent precipitation of lycopene: Food Research International The final isolation of pure lycopene from the crude carotenoids mixture is generally achieved by chromatographic methods HPLC, TLC, column chromatography; Choksi and Joshi, Concentrations of lycopene in L.


All of the lycopene recovery procedures were conducted within 2 h. These results are similar to those reported by Davis et al.

In this method, a secondary solvent known as licopdno anti-solvent or precipitant is added to the solution resulting in the reduction of the solubility of the solute in the original solvent and consequently, the generation of a super-saturation driving force Nowee et al. We selected the extraction solvent showing the highest extraction efficiency for the next isolation procedure. Materials and methods Sample preparation and materials.