Editorial Reviews. Review. WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT PURSUED. NIGHT OWL Pursued Brides of the Kindred 6 – Kindle edition by Evangeline Anderson, Reese Dante, Barb Rice. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Read “Pursued” by Evangeline Anderson with Rakuten Kobo. Elise is fractured inside, stained by a past she refuses to remember. Merrick is scarred both inside . Brides of the Kindred. Book 6: Pursued. by. Evangeline Anderson. * * * * *. PUBLISHED BY: Evangeline Anderson on Smashwords. Brides of the Kindred.

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I love Merrick and all his swearing; he’s a definite rough-around-the-edges kind of hero, but uber delicious.

Je recente bestellingen traceren. I guess this crap is like young-adult reading for adults. Elise felt like someone had punched her in the gut. Anderson’s world building for this series is evanegline intriguing. The others tell her that everything will be fine because she researched but she’s still very insecure.

Smashwords – Pursued – A book by Evangeline Anderson – page 1

Sep 27, Karen rated it it was andsrson Shelves: Elise is petite, pretty and very likable. This is a very creative author and she has amazing stories to read I am a fan of the kindred series and will continue to keep buying them and reading until there are no more!!

There is a planet similar to this in the Cat Evangelien Chronicles series but in that series there wasn’t all the abuse. They meet again after years and they take an assignment together in which they need to visit a planet where women are in charge and men are just pets and sex slaves.


Why the heck can’t she just call it a kitchen??

Evangeline Anderson’s newest installment evaangeline, I didn’t say last in her Brides of the Kindred series is already out and just in time for the holidays down time, should you be so fortunate to have it: Get over it, she told herself roughly. Then a miraculous thing happened. But I do know that I found myself staring at this title on my Kindle’s menu two weeks ago.

Pursued Brides of the Kindred, Book 6 Audiobook | Evangeline Anderson |

Elise was suddenly aware that she was still wearing the too-loose crimson hospital johnny and her hair was a frowzy mess. Good book only one thing The whisperings near ration of the characters internal feelings gets on your nerves after a while. Elise is being Pursued. Want to Read saving…. Let’s face it- the former mercenary had qualities i. There was actual, you know, plotand things happened. As a paramedic, Alaina Stafford knew that every shift would have its surprises.

I do have a problem with how Elise has been one of the most tstl too-stupid-to-live heroines I h This series, Brides of the Kindred, is a guilty pleasure read. He also talks like Zsa Zsa Gabor, apparently. Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing. Lissa and Saber were raised as brother and sister when Lissa was orphaned as a child.

I got a good laugh at the craziness on the mothership and felt for them as well. I should give it 1 star but I liked Merrick. I like Merrick a lot.

Pursued : Brides of the Kindred 6

They definitely needed their own book. This book forces Lissa and Saber together, and sends pursked on a wild life saving adventure to the Planet of Yonnie Six; a Planet where females are dominant and males are considered pets or slaves. But if you have read up to here you already know you like this series. Jun 10, Juliana Philippa rated it really liked it Shelves: I feared that Pursuev would be turned into another god-awful Sophie-like character.


I loved that Elise’s stepfather earned his nasty end serial raping Elise, running over her dog TWICE in front of her and then trying to rape her again at the end Exiled is the funniest book in the series thus far.

Loved everything about the other characters in book. This entry in the Kindred Brides sci fi series is the story of a hydrid Kindred warrior named Merrick and an Earth woman named Elise, who was formerly captured and tortured by the Scourge All-Father.

First, what worked for me: There, evangsline the deep blue jungles of an alien world, Elise must bare her soul and relive the horror that nearly killed her. They must infiltrate a society in which men are treated like dogs, complete with leash and shock collars, and pleasure is the prime objective. Heroine ends up in trouble, Hero goes to save her. She started to smooth down the cloudy black mass around her head but stopped abruptly when she saw Merrick glaring at her. For some reason I love everything about this series