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These questions led to accumulating, reviewing and determining the credibility and validity of the many varied writings. At last, seeing that the body could not be consumed by the fire, the lawless people summoned a confector to come forward and drive home his sword.

The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine

However, ultimately he decides to stop. There’s depth details about persecution especially during Diocletian Era, I could not digest a lot.

Who but a true Christian would convert under the threat of death? Quotes from The History of th Quotes 4 8 Sep 24, He also laments that it happened – as the Armenians were eusenio still are a Christian people. A great book for anyone wanting to learn more about the early Church. Eusebius also puts forward the historically very popular idea that the destruction of Jerusalem under Vespasian was a result of the God’s anger towards the Emm for killing Jesus – a view that in its expanded form says that Jews being cast out into the diaspora is their punishment for killing Christ.

Eusebius was very thorough in his writing and cdsareia many other Church writings and Roman writings of the me. Eusebius experienced much of what he put into The Church History. One of the clearest and straightforward rebuttals to such such sophistry is found in Eusebius, who often inadvertently makes the case for continuity of faith practiced by those who were persecuted for it, precisely by describing the things they were persecuted for.


In the case of controversies, councils were called and decisions made based on the authority of the Scriptures and the teaching of the apostles.

Sep 12, Manuel Alfonseca rated it really liked it. It’s not terribly well written, but it makes up for that in its interesting subject matter. I thought I had read some awful atrocities today, but there is nothing new under the sun.

Eusebius was alive during the third to fourth centuries of the Church.

The line of the bishops, by which the doctrine of apostolic succession is supported, is quite thorough, including occasional biographical sketches, as is the case with the emperors.

This, too, the presbyter used to say. But that is just my subjective view.

And wh I’m interested in the Bible and the early history of Christianity, so I jumped on the book when I found it in a used bookstore – what could be more interesting than a 4th-century history of the church?

Sep 20, Mariangel rated it really liked it.

Картинки: Eusébio de cesareia

It seems that the Early Christians had to face internal threats heresiesexternal threats ridicule, persecutionthis is simply too much to Handle but God blessed them. In fact, many ancient documents have been preserved in whole or in part thanks to the citations by Eusebius of Caesarea. It seems only Matthew through Acts were conclusively accepted canonical texts in his period. Those that are disputed, yet familiar to most, include the epistles known as James, Jude, and 2 Peter, and those called 2 and 3 John, the work either of the evangelist or of someone else with the same name.


História Eclesiástica Eusébio De Cesaréia : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Mar 22, Rick Sam rated it really liked it Shelves: The heresies that plagued her through her early history were attacks on that purity committed mostly by self-interested men who sought to exploit her for personal power or wealth.

The Questions today faced by the Church are nothing great compared to their Era. View all 3 comments. Forgiv Maier’s translation is a lot more fluid than others.

While some facts have to be taken with a grain of salt, most of the history presented here agrees with the record of the scriptures. At the appropriate moment, the cedareia of early writers shall clear up this matter too.

Christian heresies in the first three centuries 10 13 Sep 24, If one wants to see the cultivation of the Church from the time of Christ to the Edict of Milan, this is the book for you. Christ in history and in the Old Testament 11 13 Sep 14, More of the book is spent on these two topics than all the others combined.

Interestingly, he d that they only acknowledge the ‘Gospel of the Hebrews’ as divine revelation, despite otherwise believing in Christ. The Romans were hideously cruel.