Eurya acuminata var. multiflora (Candolle) Blume; E. acuminata var. wallichiana ( Steudel) Dyer; E. euprista Korthals; E. japonica Thunberg var. phyllanthoides. M Eurya acuminata DC. is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Eurya (family Pentaphylacaceae). The record derives. Eurya acuminata is an evergreen Tree growing to 3 m (9ft) by 3 m (9ft). It is frost tender. It is in leaf all year, in flower in May. The species is dioecious (individual.

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Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc. You will receive a range of benefits including: Flowers are produced on the underside of the branches Photograph by: The present study describes the structure, composition and regeneration of tree species in undis Eurya species flowers dioecious i. This QR Code is unique to this page. Eurya accuminata pl check spelling A reply from another thread:.

Describes the likelihood of the species becoming extinct in the present day or in the near future. Stars of the month. Eurya japonica phyllanthoides Blume Dyer Eurya lucida Wall. Yes it is possible that the tree belongs to Theaceae. For more information about QR Codes click here.


Eurya acuminata

Tropical and subtropical forests, altitude m. Outskirts of Kathmandy valley! Deep Printers, New Delhi. To leave a comment please Register or login here All comments need to be approved so will not appear immediately. Eurya species are susceptible to various insect pests, virus and fungi, affecting leaves, fruits and roots.

Population size is treated under Population Biology, and trends in population sizes are treated under Trends. This does not seem to belong to Euphorbiaceae.

Plant for id from Gangtok, Sikkim, April- Threatened Taxa of Telangana State. Plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts.

Eurya acuminata in Flora of China @

Please view the copyright link for more information. Bracteoles, sepals and petals slightly smaller than male flowers, rarely staminodes present, ovary superior, globose, locular, axile placentation, ovules many in each locule, stylefree or connate, stigma fid. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives. This species is not very hardy in Britain, plants must be protected from frost when they are young[].

Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Aucminata plant pages have their own unique code. For more details, pl.

Stamens in 1 series, unequal, base free or connate, sometimes adnate to petals, filaments filiform, anthers dorsifixed, 2 loculed, about 1mm long, apiculate, pistillode glabrous. Et al Website http: In addition to the botanical information the flora also gives basic information on habitat and some uses. User Group specific search options Title. Accessed 15 Jan We are currently updating this section.


Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.

This small tree was shot from a roadside cliff in the Gori valley areaonly the fruits were recorded Acuminwta of some important contributors. If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves.

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Description of diseases that the organism is subject to. Send a request for permission. Don Tristylium matsudae Hayata Koidz. Evergreen shrubs or trees, about m tall.

Eurya acuminata DC.

Prefers a moderately fertile free-draining moisture retentive soil in sun or part shade with shelter from cold drying winds[]. It is in leaf all year, in flower in May. Smartphone users quickly have information on acumihata plant directly for the pfaf. Observation specific search options Observed during.

Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted. Natural History Natural History Reproduction. Royal Norwegian Embassy grants.