Code of Ethics. for Pharmaceutical Marketing. is aimed at ensuring the transparency and compliance of the activities of pharmaceutical companies operating in. Etikos kodeksas nukreips jus tinkama linkme verslo aplinkoje, kuri per pastaruosius metus tapo itin sudėtinga. Kodekse pabrėžiama, kaip privalu elgtis, kad. 29 lapkr. Profesines etikos paskaitai parengta prezentacija. Etikos kodeksas. Profesines etikos paskaitai parengta prezentacija. by.

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Disrespect to a colleague who has violated professional, honorary code or the specialist etkkos is one of the factors which have led to only a code of ethics into practice. Click to subscribe to a feed The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board develops standards, guidance, and resources for use by public sector entities around the world for preparation of general purpose financial statements.

Clear organizational goals, values, behaviour of all members of the organization appropriate information supply, feedback, employee assessment, based on the results of work shows that an organization has a high level of ethics. Their role dependent on the volume of the Code of Ethics, the local infrastructure, the organizational environment.

No warranty kodekssa given about the accuracy of the copy. Please add your name optional: Strengthening Organizations, Advancing Economies. See also Permissions Information. You may not reproduce, store, transmit in any form or by any means, with the exception of non-commercial use i.

Carneiro; V. Codes of ethics – it is one of the most effective measures to resolve conflicts without neglecting professional morality provisions. If you do not have an account, please register below.



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The International Kodekass Standards Board for Accountants sets high-quality, internationally appropriate ethics standards for professional accountants, including auditor independence requirements. This would contribute to the implementation of ethical discussions, training for both employees and students. The ethics problem was investigated by A.

The International Accounting Education Standards Board establishes standards, in the area of professional accounting education, that prescribe technical competence and professional skills, values, ethics, and attitudes.

Interest objective – it is expected that in both professional and kodkesas spheres can be avoided ethical problems, scandals, preventing effective employment, quality of social life.

The research shown, that in the educational institution is guided by the Code of Ethics. Request permission to translate. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

Please direct permission requests to permissions ifac. Employees view, the main advantage of the Code of Ethics that it promotes development of employees, while the students that the code of professional activity gives morality and professionalism.

Code of Ethics

Primary tabs View active tab Show Related Log test. Handbooks, Standards, and Pronouncements, Translation Published: It should be noted that a good set of ethics rules, knowledge, ability to apply them in a particular situation, eliminates the risk of abuse.

Singularities ; J. It is recommended to use the Code of Ethics as a starting point for making decisions with ethical conflicts in the interpretation of ethical behaviour benefits often discuss emerging ethical issues, standards, conditions for the implementation of the Code, and opportunities. It is said that the code of ethics in the organization is one of the most important elements in the institutionalization of kodeskas, which states, recommend or define the moral norms of behaviour, rules that must be followed by every employee.


Colleagues must respect each other, behave fairly and politely. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Was found that both employees and students think that sometimes is encountered with problems such as conflict of interest, abusing its position, and lack of respect for another person.

(Lietuvių) Savanorio etikos kodeksas

Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors Status: Please upgrade to one of our supported browser versions. English Copyright of Management is the property of Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

Code creating institution which documents, records shows that it is actually in control: Don’t see your language? For employees opinion the most ethical problems are caused by the generally accepted values of fostering a lack, while students think that the lack of government commitment to ethical standards, and a negative example Parliament, government and others institutions.

May 12, Lithuanian.