Esculpir en el tiempo (Cine) | Andrei Tarkovski, Enrique Banús Irusta, J.M. Gorostidi Munguía | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit. Andrey Tarkovsky, the genius of modern Russian cinema–hailed by Ingmar “” Esculpir en el tiempo, quizá sea, si no el mejor, uno de los mejores libros. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

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Properly used, music has the ability to change the whole emotional tone of a filmed sequence. Tarkovsky, instead, urges a return to spiritual, artistic pursuits in opposition to this emerging, seething, immoral reality. An immense film director, one of the best, too ignored now.

I wond Something of a blog post: The first Tarkovski’s movie that I saw was his last one “the sacrifice”.

And the main idea is that cinema mainly works with time, not action or characters, that it records it in a way, which no other art can come near. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

However, I andei this book for a friend of mine who is obsessed with both literature and movies, and who can appreciate it fully. This essentially recalls the previous discussion of science and technology. It would need to butterfly. He was a tragic figure. For a moment during the closing pages, I possessed the eventual goal of donating most everything I own, grabbing a couple interested people, and moving to the middle of nowhere in Northern Washington to be surrounded by a limitless beauty.

Of course literature and paintings can be referenced in film as Tarkovsky always didbut they must be esculpid in a poetic manner that can only tarkvski realized in cinema. What “We all know the tradicional genre of ancient Japanese poetry, the haikku. Trivia About Sculpting in Time. He was never a fan of american style adventure movies and wanted to create tarkovaki attention rather than outward.


Science and technology are stifling our humanity and closing us off from one another, somehow paradoxically. I am currently working on tarkovvski playscript concerned with his exile and death, though using an analogue to tarkovki my relationship with my father. He pronounces a sentence of St-John “the verb made in chair”.

Tarkovsky in Sculpting the Time, p. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My own considerations and world views have been upturned. Man passes a pact with God. Many critics have tried to interpret his intensely personal vision, but he himself always remained inaccessible. After a night agitated his family is saved.

Focus on strict memorization of information gives birth to false sense of superiority and undeniable mockery.

My function is to make whoever sees my films aware of his need to love and to give his love, and aware that beauty is summoning him. He refers to “The Tarkoski quite a lot throughout the book, so that film in particular is a must.

Sculpting in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky

While I may have failed in this review, at least I have made an effort to connect to my own humaneness. Combine or Merge Alt Cover Art. But the destination is the same. View all 3 comments.

Sculpting in Time

The The first Tarkovski’s movie that I saw was his last one “the sacrifice”. Open Preview See a Problem? He attained critical acclaim for directing such films as Andrei Rublev, Solaris and Stalker. To fail at that is better than to succeed or realize something impure, wholly rational, devoid of emotion, mechanical. These entertainers are shock artists and want us to pay attention to them. I loved the book – Tarkovsky is a surprisingly good writer – and I took from it a lot with regards to movie making, the relatio ships between the director and the actors, the audience and transmitting enough info I like movies.


Jun 29, William rated it it was amazing. Organized religion merely tells stories, promotes sexism, and transforms personal responsibility into conformism. By its nature, creation of art is a therapy, a way to pursue ideals that inevitably clash with rampant, suppressive conformism in society. Not a technical treatise but more of a phenomenological work. Tarkovksy is listed among the most critically acclaimed filmmakers.

Not a technical treatise but mor Andrei Tarkovsky has much in common with Dostoevsky in the sense that his movies move at a deliberate, slow pace with drawn out panning movements and long takes.

He believes the actor shouldn’t have any unconscious knowledge of how a scene will unfold but act naturally as if it were real by being given only the necessary information, and allows the actor to have autonomy without restricting their freedom of expression.