Ugg, Seriously thinking of selling the behemoth to partially fund an inverter. Don’t really see any for sale, so tough to get a feel for what it’s worth. Howdy All, Restructuring the shop a bit, and I have for sale a beautiful TIG package for sale. Heliarc AC/DC Squarewave. Really nice. Description. General Info: Stock #: YT Location: Stone Mountain, GA. Brand: ESAB. Model: Heliarc AC/DC. Serial #: TA (Welder).

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Including the Esab’s rep machine. I know that you love Dynastys as most guys do on this forum, but in reality this TIG would probably be able to do most things that the Dynasty could do except for the portability heliarcc.

I still think the Dynasty is an overpriced, under-sized unit, that only makes sense for a full-time shop as dedicated small work machine or as backup.

AHP Distributo r www. All with no money out of my pocket. Will ship at buyers expense. Wife picked it up, and was a sweet deal for all.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. I had my heart set on a Miller machine, but the opportunity has come about to purchase a five year old ESAB probably cheap?? The time now is We have a Heliarc vintage which we got from a customer in a trade for work. Thanks to all who expressed interest I had the ESAB I never liked the AC portion of the machine ac frequency factory hheliarc too high and not adjustable and then after less esqb 30 hours on the unit the went up in smoke.


If you’re strictly hobby and hrliarc wanna say you have a tig machine for fun go for something like the TA. It’s not a blackface model, and it’s not mint. Howdy All, Thanks for the kind words.

Better yet, tell your wife to get you a Dynasty DX, it’s a much more reasonable size. The story is that they upgraded and have no use for the Really nice, robust solidstate design compares much favorably in rsab opinion to the more popular “Blue” Syncrowave. Fun, I am a hobbiest who works full time in healthcare and who takes welding classes because I enjoy welding. Sundown, Thanks for the reply.

Wondering if it’s worth trying to find these for pennies on the dollar All of the gear, welder, cooler, torch, pedal are all absolutely new. For you, there is no reason to buy the Dynasty dx.

Esab Heliarc Questions – Weld Talk Message Boards

Just have to watch ebay, and amazon. Buy American and Buy local. You really have to have the meter kit, when you use the Pulse setup. The fact that you can get these machines with accessories such as torches, hepiarc, ground clamps, remote controls, flowmeters, etc. Esab Tig Maybe the PM’s are not working properly.


I never bought the slope kit, but everything else for one.

Originally posted by fun4now View Post. That is a Italian Esab that was never made for a foot control.

ESAB Heliarc 252 AC/DC Tig Welder w/ Miller Coolmate Torch Water Cooler

The unit appears to be in reasonable shape. Login to Your Account. Card for a dyndx and get some work done to pay for it. I just got a dx to go along with the dx in my shop and the is so small it’s like it don’t exist compared to heeliarc old syncrowave or even the dx.