Ero Electronic TFS 93 11 35 Controller – Imtek – Turkey. Lektronix repair ERO Electronic TFS Others. We also supply new, refurbished or service exchange. Free 12 months repair warranty. Optimus Control Industry PLT – ERO ELECTRONIC TFS ERO ELECTRONIC FEATURED BRANDS Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Thailand, Selangor.

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This is not the latest version of Team Foundation Server. To download the latest release, please visit the current release fro for Team Foundation Server Update 3.

You can change the language of this page by clicking the globe icon in the page footer and selecting your desired language. In this article, you will find information regarding Team Foundation Server Update 2.

Click the button to download. Please see the TFS Install page for more information. We have added a lot of new value to Team Foundation Server Update 2.

Some of the highlights include:. We have made a global commitment to make our products fully accessible to our customers.

As part of that commitment, we have been working to find and address many accessibility issues — anywhere from keyboard patterns to visual design and layout. Work item tracking has relied solely on color in many experiences to convey work item type. However, this is problematic for our color blind or low vision users who may not be able to distinguish between items due to similarities in color. To increase the scanability of work item types for all our customers, we have introduced icons to the visual language of work item type.

You can customize your work item types by choosing from a selection of our icon library. Color bars conveying type on the backlog and queries grids have been replaced with colored icons Figure 1. Delivery Plans is an organizational tool that helps you drive cross-team visibility and alignment by tracking work status on an iteration-based calendar. You can tailor your plan to include any team or backlog level from across projects in the account. Furthermore, Field Criteria on Plans enables you to further customize your view, while Markers highlight important dates.

From Manage extensionsclick on Browse local extensionsthen select Delivery Plans and click Install. See the documentation on pre installed extensions for more information.

With this new setting in the build definition, you can track the builds that have incorporated your work without having to search through a large set of builds manually. Each successful build associated with the work item automatically appears in the development section of the work item form. To enable this feature, toggle the setting under Options in your build definition Figure 3. We want on-premises customers to tap into the same value that has delighted our VSTS users and so we have made the decision to deprecate the old work item form and old extensibility model.

Read more about our plans on the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management page. Work Item Search provides fast and flexible search across all your work items over all projects in a collection Figure 4. You can use the Work Item Search full text search engine to easily search for terms across all work item fields and efficiently locate relevant work items.

Use in-line search filters, on any work item field, to quickly narrow down to a list of work items. By using Work Item Search you can:. We have redesigned the branch policies configuration experience and added some great new capabilities Figure 5.

One of the most powerful features is the ability to configure policies for branch folders. You can do this from the Branches view by selecting a branch folder and choosing Branch policies from the context menu.

Sale of Ero Electronic TFS 93 11 35

This will open the new policies configuration UX, where you can configure policies that apply to all of the branches in the branch folder Figure 6. If you are using the build policy, you can now configure multiple builds for a single branch.


There are also new options to specify an automatic or manual trigger Figure 7. Manual triggers are useful for things like automated test runs that might take a long time to run, and you only really need to run once before completing the pull request.

The build policy also has a display name that is useful if you are configuring multiple builds. Once you have configured a manually triggered policy, you can run it by selecting the Queue build option in the Policies section for the pull request Figure 8. For required reviewer policies Figure 9we added the ability for administrators to specify a note that can be appended to the pull request timeline when the policy applies Figure Ensure that all comments in your pull requests are addressed with the new Comments policy.

With this policy enabled, active comments will block completion of the PR, forcing all comments to be resolved. Reviewers that leave comments for the PR author but optimistically approve the pull request can be sure that an author that is eager to merge won’t miss any comments. We have made several updates to the Files hub to improve the viewing and editing experiences. For viewing, we have added pivots that let you view the README in the current folder Figure 11preview Markdown files, compare a file to a previous version Figure 12and view blame.

For editing, you can now preview your changes, easily add a comment, commit to a new branch, and link work items Figure You can now see a graph while showing commit history for repositories or files. This allows you to easily create a mental model of all your branches and commits for your git repositories using git graph Figure The graph shows all your commits in topological order. If your team has been using Git tags to mark a specific point in the history of your repository, then your commits will now show the tags that you have created.

You are able view tags Figure 16 for a specific commit in the commit list view and the details page. Instead of creating tags from the command line and pushing the tags to the repository, you can now simply go to a commit and add a tag Figure The tag creation dialog will also let you tag any other ref on the repo. The commit list view also supports a context menu Figure No need to go to the commit details page to create tags and create new branches Figure We have modernized the changeset and shelveset pages in TFVC.

Both pages are more accessible for those of you who use assistive technologies.

The new pages also have a new header that contains the changeset title and associated information about the changeset, such as author details Figure Both changeset and shelveset pages also host the a new markdown discussion control Figure 21 that will allow to type comments in markdown, mention users, associate work items usingand easily attach files and images. You can now filter eero commit history results Figure wlectronic by advanced filtering options.

You can filter commits by:. To start migration, select import repository from the repository selector drop-down Figure Individual folders or branches can be imported to the Git repository, or the entire TFVC repository can be imported minus the branches Figure We have added the Git LFS file locking feature.

This allows teams working with large, undiffable files to avoid losing work when two or more people attempt to edit the same file at once.

TFS 93 11 35 000 Ero Electronic

Before anyone can begin editing the file, they take a lock, and that lock notifies the server. When anyone else attempts to take a lock, the server rejects the request, letting the second person know that someone else is already working on that file. Please upgrade to Git LFS 2. We have updated lightweight comments left on Git commits to use the new discussion control. This brings support for Markdown in those comments, and rounds out all of the code-commenting features in the web for both Git and TFVC to use the latest experience.


The tree view has a few usability improvements. First, we have changed the view to show a condensed tree view that automatically collapses empty folder nodes, maximizing the number of files that are in view. The tree also shows comments in a more compact way. Files with comments show a child item for each comment thread, with the avatar indicating the user that created the thread. New comment threads and those with replies are indicated by the blue dot, and the count of replies is summarized with a count.

For teams using branch policies, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what action is required when you view a pull request. If the main call to action is the Complete button, does that mean it is ready to complete? Using information about the person viewing the page and the state of configured branch policies, the PR view will now present the call to action that makes the most sense for that user. When policies are configured, but have not passed, the Complete button Figure 26 now encourages the use of the Auto-complete feature.

It is not likely that you can complete the PR successfully if policies are blocking, so we offer an option that completes the PR when those policies eventually pass. For reviewers, it is more likely that you will want to approve a PR than complete it, so reviewers will see the Approve button Figure 27 highlighted as the main CTA if you have not approved yet.

Lektronix : ERO Electronic TFS | Other | Repair & Supply

Once approved, reviewers will see the Complete or Auto-complete button highlighted as the CTA for those cases where a electrnic is also the person completing the PR. In a PR with more than a few comments, it can be hard to keep track of all of the conversations. To help in comment management, we have simplified the process of resolving items that have been addressed with a number of enhancements:. In the Pull Request details view, the Updates tab has been improved to show when a force push has occurred and if the base commit has changed Figure These two features are extremely useful if you rebase changes in your topic branches before completing your PRs.

Reviewers will now have enough info to know exactly what is happened.

It is now easier to find pull requests! We have added new filtering options to allow you to find PRs created by a specific author or assigned to a specific reviewer Figure Simply select a user from the author or reviewer filter, and the list will update to show only the PRs that match the filter.

When you are electfonic a pull request policies, you are required to specify a reason. In the Complete pull request dialog, you will see ego new Reason field, if they choose to bypass Figure After entering the reason and completing the pull request, the message displays in the Overview Figure The Share Pull Request action is a handy way to notify reviewers Figure In this release, we have added support for teams and groups, so you can notify everyone involved the pull request in a single step.

If you eleectronic a member of multiple teams, you will now see all of the PRs assigned to those teams listed in the My Pull Requests view Figure This makes the My Pull Requests view the one stop you need to visit to see all the PRs on your plate. In a future release, we will add teams to the Pull Requests hub under Code to make it easier to see all of your PRs for a single project. Stay up to date with the conversations happening in your PRs with the new comment notifications Figure For PRs that you’ve created, you will automatically be notified any time a user adds a new comment thread or replies to an existing thread.