Eric Kenneway is the author of several books on origami and papercrafts, including Complete Origami and Origami: Paperfolding For Fun. Eric Kenneway is the author of Complete Origami ( avg rating, 75 ratings, 8 reviews, published ), Origami ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 2 reviews. Results 1 – 25 of 25 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Eric-Kenneway books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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This is not your traditional origami book, this book is not about the diagrams, although it does contain many of them; rather, it’s about the rich history and diversity of origami, discussing, in an encyclopedic way, the many facets of the art.

The book opens with an introduction to origami symbols and maneuvers, and then dives into alphabetical entries for all things origami.

Gilad’s Origami Page

The entries are illustrated by pictures, drawings and diagrams for mostly traditional models, but also more modern gems such as Max Hulme’s magnificent Jack-in-the-box, and E. D Sullivan’s Bluebeard’s castle. Also included are some more obscure ways of folding, with even hats, turbans and nappy-folding instructions! This is a fun book if you’re interested in some of the history and stories behind origami, or if you just want to fold something. Toys – Action Models. Flora – Trees and Plants.

Religion and Holidays – Eastern Religions. Objects – Candles and Light. Geometric and other shapes. Flora – Fruit and Vegetables. Mammals – Rodentia – Rats, Mice and Rodents. Mammals – Bovidae – Sheep, Goats and Bovides.


Arachnids – Spiders and Arachnids. Clothes – Shoes and Socks. Birds – Charadriiformes – Gulls. Birds – Anseriformes – Swans.

Birds – Gruiformes – Cranes. Mammals – Canidae – Dogs. Religion and Holidays – Jewish Religion. Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway Published: Show only designs with photos. Coiled spring Toys – Action Models. Flapping bird Toys – Action Models. Folded by Gilad Aharoni. Airplane Toys – Planes. Dart Toys – Planes. Banger Toys – Noisemaking. Double-barreled banger Toys – Noisemaking. Boat Vehicles – Boats.

Booklet Objects – Books. Jack in the box Toys. Folded by Gabriel Vong.

Butterfly – fluttering Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly Insects – Butterflies. Bell Music and Musicians. Christmas tree Flora – Trees and Plants. Funerary offering Religion and Holidays. Celebratory offering Religion and Holidays – Eastern Religions. Chinese junk Vehicles – Boats. Paper fastener Objects – Useful. Dish Boxes and Containers. Letter Letters and Envelopes.

Envelope Letters and Envelopes. Candle Objects – Candles and Light. Fan Objects – Useful. Hexaflexagon Geometric and other shapes. Flexagon – ring Toys – Action Models. Iris Flora – Flowers. Folded by Lou Pearson. Flower Flora – Flowers. Leaf and stem Flora – Trees and Plants.

Box – foil – side-flaps Boxes and Containers. Frog – jumping Toys – Action Models. American jumping frog Toys – Action Models. Banana Flora – Fruit and Vegetables. Hat Clothes – Hats. Turban Clothes – Hats. Hood Clothes – Hats. Spider Arachnids – Spiders and Arachnids.

Folded by Rui Roda. Kite – Peruvian Toys – Planes.

Knots Geometric and other shapes. Folded by JC Nolan.


Kusudama Geometric and other shapes. Lampshades Objects – Useful. Map fold Origami bases and methods. Dodecahedron Geometric and other shapes. Folded by Eliot Phillips. Mitre Objects – Useful. Buffet server Objects – Useful. Slippers from newspaper Clothes – Shoes and Socks.

Simple Origami by Eric Kenneway Book Review | Gilad’s Origami Page

Cushion covers Objects – Useful. Bird – flapping Birds.

Seagull and surf Birds – Charadriiformes – Gulls. Frame Objects – Frames. Fox – keneway Toys – Puppets. Camera Toys – Noisemaking. Beetle – crawling Toys.

Boy wearing a newspaper hat People. Swan Birds – Anseriformes – Swans. Puzzle – cluster Toys – Puzzles. Folded by Francesco Mancini. Cootie catcher or Fortune teller Toys – Action Models. Square Also in Creating Origami by J. Crane Birds – Gruiformes – Cranes. Nolan and in other sources Cranes – joint Birds – Gruiformes – Cranes. Square Some examples of the art of Sembazuru lenneway folding multiple cranes from one sheet.

Scottie Mammals – Canidae – Dogs. Scottie – black and white Mammals – Canidae – Dogs.

Eric Kenneway

Star – five pointed Geometric and other shapes. Star – stretched Geometric and other shapes. Chrysanthemum Flora – Flowers. Tato Objects – Wallets. Palm tree Flora – Trees and Eeic. Rose Flora – Flowers.

Umbrella – Japanese Objects.