The Epistle TO Diognetus. CHAPTER 1 Since I see, most excellent Diognetus , that thou art exceedingly anxious to understand the religion of the Christians. Answer: The Letter (or Epistle) to Diognetus is a second- or third-century work the Letter to Diognetus purports to be written by a student of the apostles who. The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus is probably the earliest example of Christian apologetics, writings defending Christianity from its accusers.

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Letter to Diognetus | early Christian work |

I can see that you deeply desire to learn how Christians worship their God. They live in poverty, but enrich many; they are totally destitute, but possess an abundance of everything. Some have ascribed these additions to Hippolytusbased on similarities of thought and style. Before they were moulded into this eoistle by the crafts of these several artificers, was it not possible for each one of them to have been changed in form and made to epistlee these several utensils?

For, to accept some of those things which have been formed by God for the use of men as properly formed, and to reject others as useless and redundant — how can this be lawful? They love all menand are persecuted by all. But not a single human being will, unless compelled to it, endure such treatment, since he is endowed with sense and reason. What is it about the God they believe in, and the form of religion they observe, that lets them look down upon the world and despise death?


As long, then, as He held and preserved His own wise counsel in concealment, He appeared to neglect us, and to have no care over us.

These things you call gods; these you serve; these you worship; and you become altogether like them. They do not inhabit separate cities of their own, or speak a strange dialect, or diognettus some outlandish way of life.

This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Do you not see them exposed to wild beasts, that they may be persuaded to deny the Lord, and yet not overcome? The author prefers, rather, to refer to the “son” as “the Word. Are they epistlf without life? Or, how will you love Him who has first so loved you? He can, if God willeth it. A number of transcriptions of this manuscript survive today.

The Epistle survived only in one manuscript which was located in Strasbourg and was destroyed in a fire during the Franco-Prussian War in the year Why do they reject the Greek gods and the Jewish superstitions alike? They live in their epkstle countries as though they were only passing through. They have a common table, but not a common bed.

Epistle of Diognetus quote

Therefore ye convict his sensibility. For this reason you hate the Christiansbecause they do not deem these to be gods. Retrieved from ” https: In the 11th chapter “Mathetes” presents himself as “having been a disciple duognetus Apostles I come forward as a teacher of the Gentiles, ministering worthily to them” placing himself in a class with authoritative figures like John the Presbyter. Do they not all rot and decay?

They are evil spoken of, and yet they are vindicated.

Diognetus was the name of a tutor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius[4] who admired him for his freedom from superstition and sound educational advice. Are they not all prone to decay?


Epistle to Diognetus

See not only with thine eyes, e;istle with thine intellect also, of what substance or of what form they chance to be whom ye call and regard as gods. Although only a few of his works are still read,…. The invisible soul is guarded by the visible body, and Christians are known indeed to diongetus in the world, but their godliness remains invisible. O benefits surpassing all expectation! I gladly welcome this zeal in thee, and I ask of God, Who supplieth both the speaking and the hearing to us, that it may be diotnetus to myself to speak in such a way that thou mayest be made better by the hearing, and to thee that thou mayest so listen that I the speaker may not be disappointed.

Letter to Diognetus early Christian work. This [messenger] He sent to them. Wikiquote has quotations related to: But these things do not at all constitute His majesty.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When you have read and carefully listened to these things, you shall know what God bestows on such as rightly love Him, being made [as you are] a paradise of delight, presenting in yourselves a tree bearing all epistlee of produce and flourishing well, being adorned with various fruits.