Commercial enzyme preparations, viz. Pectinex ultra Sp-L and Flaxzyme consisting predominantly of pectinolytic enzymes were found to ret green jute ribbons. Information is needed to optimize enzymatic-retting of flax (Linum usitatissimum L .) based on a pectinase-rich mixture and chelators. Seed flax straw from North. J Biotechnol. Aug 23;89() Enzyme-retting of flax and characterization of processed fibers. Akin DE(1), Foulk JA, Dodd RB, McAlister DD 3rd.

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Kenaf fibre is sustainable and environmentally safe because it is biodegradable and renewable. Each test was performed until tensile failure occurred.

As expected, using image analysis software, fiber thicknesses were found to decrease with increasing enzyme exposure Table 2. NL Free format text: Reading desks and facilities Computer workstations Printing — photocopying — scanning Wireless LAN Interactive whiteboards Study cubicles Workstation for the blind and visually impaired.

No consistent trend is apparent in the specific tensile modulus, tensile strength, or impact testing unnotched test and notched impact.

Kenaf variety V36 was grown in Rompin, Pahang. Four fiber specimens were created showing different levels of ret: Retting, natural fibers, microbial enzymes, water retting, dew retting, pectin lyases, polygalacturonases. Physical checks of finesse and tenacity were performed according to standard methods in the flax industry.

Enzymatic retting of jute ribbons

As the slenderness ratio increases, the fibre will show higher resistance to the force of tearing. With cost and fiber and yarn quality as criteria, results established a range in the amounts of components comprising retting formulations as a basis for further studies to optimize enzyme-retting formulations for flax.

Based on Foulk et al. Pectinase allowed better separation of the fibres due to the removal of pectin that holds the fibre bundles together. Enzymatic solution according to one of claims 6 or 7 characterized in that it comprises an endo beta galactanase Enzyymatic 3.


Country of ref document: Micronaire values are high about for bench carded samples and lower about 4 to 5 for finer proportion from samples cleaned through a Shirley analyser. The region from to wavelengths indicates the O-H stretching vibration. In addition, it is a better representative of actual composite performance parameters than fiber bundle pullout.

Method of retting bast fibres, especially linen, using at least one enzymatix capable of degrading at least the pectines contained in the natural fibre. Eine neue Methode zur Gewinnung von Flachsfasern. It has been enzgmatic to overcome the irregularities caused by variations in climatic parameters, realizing retting by the action of pectin, enzymes such as pectinase or ertting.

Identification and retting efficiencies of fungi isolated from dew-retted flax in the United States and europe.

The seed was removed using a stripper header, and the stalks were pulled out of the ground and left in the field for several weeks getting dry. Exposure without using the chelator may have increased the calcium level higher than the untreated sample. An improvement in performance could demonstrate the potential uses of enzymes to treat natural fibers for biocomposites that would reduce energy costs, reduce processing costs, maintain quality, and create uniform fibers of known quality or specific quality attributes from crop to crop.

Retting formulations produced fibers having different properties, with enzyme levels of 0.

The colour of the fibres was also satisfactory, where the brightness index increased with the retting period, indicating the removal of lignin. The enzymatic retting is now preferred over the traditional methods resulting in formulation of several commercial enzyme preparations like Enzy,atic and Viscozyme. View at Rftting Scholar N. Applicants have established that the addition of a complexing calcium, such as ammonium oxalate, improves the active character of endo PG.

Neat resin specimens were tested for comparison. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.


DE Date of ref document: Scanning electron microscope images SEM were used to rettint the results of enzymaatic Fibreshape analysis as shown in Figure 2. Fibre with a Runkel ratio below 1 is normally associated with good mechanical strength properties Istek Fiber properties were determined and crude test yarns were made of raw and Shirley cleaned flax fibers and cotton in various blend levels.

Cite this enzjmatic as: Depending on samples, fibre strengths Stelometer are equal to or considerably greater than dew retted ‘cottonized flax or typical cotton fibres. Unretted straw was decorticated providing a coarse fiber rettinv feedstock for enzyme treatments.

Retting involves the breakdown of the bonds between the constituent layers of the stem through the removal of pectin and hemicelluloses that binds the layers together rteting 4 ]. Van Sumere suggested that the presence of hemicellulases and cellulases is required to assist pectinase to obtain good retting results. Enzymatic solution according to claim 6 characterized in that the buffer solution is at a pH of 4.

Kenaf stem was harvested mechanically and brought to the laboratory for processing. Enzymatic solution according to one of claims 6 or 7 characterized in that it comprises a beta xylanase EC 3. The fiber pullout method was chosen due to its use and relevance in characterizing the fiber-matrix interaction, as detailed in a previous study by Foulk et al.

Enzymatic retting of jute ribbons [1991]

ILSS testing involves testing of the whole composite and thus reduces the scatter caused by individual or enzymahic bundle fiber testing in fiber pullout.

Composite performance was evaluated using fiber bundle pull-out, tensile, impact, and interlaminar shear tests. One unit was defined as changes in 0.