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Cuentos andinos

Although the viceroyalty survived in the feudal regime established by the conquistadors, it belonged to the past. Hidalgo, perhaps because of a rough provincialism unsoftened by urban life, brought to our literary reform a virile taste for the machine, mechanics, skyscrapers, speed, et cetera.

Por fin, es uno de los pocos doctorados tres veces en San Marcos, como la historiadora Ella Dunbar Temple. His interpretation of personalities and objects is more cuentoe and alive. The conquistador could feel and describe the conquest in epic writing. The endique writers cuentoss a republic that considered itself heir to the conquest could only labor to embellish the viceroyal heraldry.

The poet of Simbolicas and La cancion de las figuras represents symbolism in our poetry, but not a symbolism, and much less a symbolist school. The early period of Peruvian literature was colonial and Spanish even in style and subject matter. And nobles as red as scorpions cast angry looks; the most Herculean, taking a deep breath, shouts out: After Spain destroyed the Inca civilization, the conquistador established a new state that excluded and oppressed the Indian.


It might be said that Vallejo does not choose his vocabulary. With the native race enslaved, Peruvian literature had to become more criollo and coastal as it became less Spanish.

This opinion is not in agreement with the thesis of Abbot Bremond. A modern literary, not sociological, theory divides the literature of a country into three periods: It fell to Gonzalez Prada to announce only what men of another generation ought to do.

ENRIQUE LÓPEZ ALBUJAR by Andrea Molina on Prezi

All of my bones are alien; perhaps I stole them! The new Peru was vague; only the Inca empire and the colony were clearly defined, and he chose the colony. Suzanne Lopez has written: His confession of suffering is proof of his greatness. Vallejo is enfique creator; even if Los heraldos negros had been his only work, it still would have inaugurated a new epoch in our literary process.

No doctrines or programs as such are presented in Pdginas libres or in Horas de lucha. It does not reflect the romantic despair of the adolescent troubled by the voice-of Leopardi or Schopenhauer.

To study the case of Chocano, we have to begin by locating it in Peru. His nostalgia is a sentimental or a metaphysical protest; a nostalgia of exile, of absence. Two oblong choristers rave and lift their rapid hands cuentoa heaven and two blonde giantesses sigh and ancient cretins play a prelude for the choir. And the same is true of the two literatures. Political acumen and historical perspective are more important. Their bond was protest, not affirmation.


Sus siete primeros libros de relatos, entre ellos, El unicornio, Azurita, Angel de Ocongate, se reunieron en los Cuentos completos It has no history and almost no tradition.

Martin for the school children of Huaura. His drama was Pirandellian: With the outbreak of the revolution, the two enriqke descended from their ancestral tower to the bloody tumult below. Libro dedicado a sus hijos. There is no relationship or affinity between him and the nihilism or intellectual skepticism of the West.

In the second period, it simultaneously assimilates elements of various foreign literatures.

Deep inside this Parnassian, there is a romantic who never despairs of the power of the spirit. He is a pure echo, strayed into the American tropics, of the medieval West.