Oct 27, This Pin was discovered by Kevin Scarborough. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. THE ENOCHIAN HIERARCHY Tablet of Union EXARP Air of SPIRIT HCOMA Water of SPIRIT NANTA Earth of SPIRIT BITOM Fire of SPIRIT EHNB Spirit of Spirit. COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash such: Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only.

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Earth Tablet with Enochian Letters. John Dee and Edward Kelly.

These tablets are sacred objects, and have enormous power. It was not a system of any usable value. Water Tablet with Flashing Crosses. Enochian Chess Earth Board. There are also Truncated Pyramid Tablets, often used for skrying the various Enochian squares. Planetary Banner large — Sun Large size banner measures approximately 20 x This is the purest Spiritual force and is only invoked when some empowering is required from the direct force of spirit. The King is always invoked when lower elemental forces on the Tablet are to fide utilized.

It is not a toy but a powerful system that should be employed with enochiwn same caution a prudent person uses who would handle a loaded gun.

Enochian Chess Air Board. Air Tablet enovhian Flashing Crosses.

Enochian Fire Tablet – Azoth Art

The Enochian Watchtower of water. Truncated Pyramid Water Tablet. The dictating Angel was the Great Angel Ave. Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only suggestion of colour in the elemental tablets by the Dee manuscripts, and no enochan method was given. Everything in the above Golden Dawn chart stays the same, except you must change all blacks to green but use black for the complimentary colour of earth.


So that air of Air is a Yellow square with purple lettering.

Enochian Tablets

Air – yellow with purple symbol; Water – blue with orange symbol; Earth – black with white symbol; Fire – red with green symbol; Spirit – white with red symbol. Fire Tablet with Latin Lettering. Enochian Chess Fire Board.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In this method, the only squares that are coloured are the Kerubic squares and Servient squares located in the four subquadrants of each tablet.

John Dee’s diagram of the four watchtowers of Ritual magick. The Kerubic Angels are formed from the first letter in each file above the Calvary Cross and are permutated to provide 4 in total per sub-section.

The Seniors follow the King in the Order of Hierarchy. Truncated Pyramid Earth Tablet.

Enochian Fire Tablet

Back to Enochian Tablets. There is a cross in each. Flashing Crosses and Borders. These are not Enochian in enofhian, but are modern in origin, based on my own personal work; and are based on related formulae that were commonly employed during the era when John Dee received the Enochian system.

if Unfortunately, this font is part of a commercial product and under a copyright owned by Galaxie Software. The Enochian Watchtower of air. The Golden Dawn This is the most widely used system of colouring the tablets and is fairly uncomplicated. Under the tutelage of Mathers, the Second Inner Order of the Golden Dawn began working the most powerful system of magic the world has or may ever see.


The Enochian Tablets – an introduction

The Watchtowers of the Elements. A superior piece you will treasure and use for years! It is an Angelic language often referred to as ” Enochian. Thus, for the most part, it remained dormant, undefined and unusable.

Westcott derived Earth Chess Board. It ties in Set earth – green compliment red with Horus fire – red compliment green. Earth – green with red symbol Mars and Sun: Choose English or Enochian script. Planetary Banner large — Jupiter This larger banner measures approximately 20 x Planetary attributes are coloured in the elemental colour of the Triplicity to which the planet rules: However, the Enochian system is not studied by pf student in depth until he or she enters the Second Order.

They are often referred to as Calvary Crosses. There are two angels per cross.