Oct 27, This Pin was discovered by Kevin Scarborough. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. THE ENOCHIAN HIERARCHY Tablet of Union EXARP Air of SPIRIT HCOMA Water of SPIRIT NANTA Earth of SPIRIT BITOM Fire of SPIRIT EHNB Spirit of Spirit. COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash such: Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only.

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Thus, for the most part, it remained dormant, undefined and unusable.

Enochian Fire Tablet

Without entering into the debate on the ” dangers ” of Enochian Magicwhen used with caution and in accordance with Second Order Teachingsit is not only safe, it is utterly effective in the physical world, and illuminating in the area of Spiritual development!

The Truncticated Pyramids 1. The Colouring Scheme for all the tablets: However, the Enochian system is not studied by the student in depth until he or she enters the Second Order. They are not to be regarded or treated lightly.

Everything in the above Golden Dawn chart stays the same, except you must change all blacks to green but use black for the complimentary colour of earth. I believe this font is in the public domain. Available in either the Sephirotic flashing colors of yellow and violet, or the Planetary flashing colors of orange and blue. John Dee and Edward Kellythe secrets that were lost with the patriarch of the Bible known as Enoch were returned to those who thirst for the knowledge of Light.


Beginning inthe Elizabethan Magician and his seer continued to uncover the Enochian system over a period of seven years. They may be utilized for pyramid working and other important elemental considerations.

Fire Tablet with Flashing Crosses. Fire – red with green symbol Zodiacal attributes are coloured in the elemental colour of the Triplicity to which the sign belongs: The rest are left white with black lettering.

The Seniors act as a kind of funnel for the specific forces of a particular planet. Enochian Chess Earth Board. Westcott derived Air Chess Board.

The Golden Dawn This is the most widely used system of colouring the tablets and is fairly uncomplicated.

Enochian Fire Tablet | Occultech | Flickr

Truncated Pyramid Fire Tablet. Westcott derived Fire Chess Board.

These Angels help to regulate and balance the forces employed. Allow about 6 to 8 weeks for this item to be made for you. Unfortunately, this font is part of a commercial product and under a copyright owned by Galaxie Software.


The elemental colours of the quarters were given to Edward Kelley as such: It is attributed to the top point of the pentagram which is Spirit.

This allows the elemental Weapon to receive in the charging phase the Planetary powers through the elemental nature of the planet. There are two angels per cross. These are not Enochian in derivation, but are modern in origin, based on my own personal work; and are based on related formulae that were commonly employed enocyian the era when John Dee received the Enochian system. Without this font, the tablets are pretty tabldt, and are border-line unreadable.


All the Coloured Squares on a given tablet will be the same colour as the element of a tablet. In each tablet there are three Secret Holy Names of God which are extracted from the horizontal cross bar of the central cross of enochiwn Tablet.

Air Tablet with Enochian Lettering. I will attempt in this paper to euclidate as many methods as possible so that you will have a greater range of choices to utilize; thereby further personalizing your tablets to suit you.

Choose English or Enochian script. A Chart of the Enochian alphabet, from Crowley’s Equinox. If I have erred in this interpretation, I invite the rights-holder to please contact me and Firf will correct this.

Enochian Tablets

Water Tablet with Flashing Crosses. The reason is that the Hebrew represents the Celestial influence and governance and the Enochian hierarchy represents the Assiac or material governance.

All the Enochian letters are in white squares with a red letter. Wnochian is an Angelic language often referred to as ” Enochian. The Seniors follow the King in the Order of Hierarchy. The structure of the Enochian system was based upon a cipher and permutations of elements arranged on a grid of letters the Tablets.