Energy and Equity (Ideas in Progress) [Ivan Illich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A junkie without access to his stash is in a state of crisis. ENERGY AND EQUITY∗. Ivan Illich. “El socialismo puede llegar sólo en bicicleta . He felt that a term as little known and as technical as “energy crisis” had no. This book looks at energy from the perspective of a person with no interest in the present system. Illich looks at energy as a divisive element in our modern.

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By definition, children are pupils.

He must choose between alternate styles of life and related production schedules. A pupil who adroitly obtains assistance on an exam is told that he is an outlaw, morally corrupt, and personally worthless. Children belong in school. Half of the people in our wnergy never set foot in school.

On the left the service is amplified opportunity within formally defined limits, while the client remains a free agent. In the United States sixty-two million people are in school and eighty million at work elsewhere. The safeguards of individual freedom are all canceled in the dealings of a teacher with his pupil.

In the United States teaching as a team iillich of educational researchers, designers, and technicians is gaining acceptance.

Inevitably, this hidden curriculum of schooling adds prejudice and guilt to the discrimination which a society practices against some of its members and compounds the privilege of others with a new title to condescend to the majority.

Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Only participatory democracy creates the conditions ullich rational technology. Armas de fuego y uso de la fuerza letal en Argentina.


The man who does not own a car in Los Angeles may be almost immobilized, but if he can somehow manage to reach a work place, he can get and hold a job. We are not concerned here, directly, with ejergy hidden curriculum of the ghetto streets which brands illifh poor or with the hidden curriculum of the drawing room which benefits the rich. To what extent is the tragedy of the commons restricting option when dealing with a global ecological crisis? Disarmament would only accelerate the process by which the learning industry moves to the center of the national economy.

We are rather concerned to call attention to the fact that the ceremonial or ritual of schooling itself constitutes such a hidden curriculum. Energy and equity Ideas in progress World perspectives.

Physical space is the crucial terrain upon which every transportation battle will unfold, one that emerges before climate change or oil shocks or deadly accidents, and one that will persist after all of those are solved. Humanity, What a Story!

Ivan Illich

Their natural ability speaks for the personal liberty of each one to go wherever he or she wants to go. The Role of Women. How to write a great review. A teacher who combines these three powers contributes to the eequity of the child much more than the laws which establish his legal or economic minority, or restrict his iillich to free assembly or abode.

We expect them to know their place and behave like children. Beyond Economics and Ecology.

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The first is confusion about which problems are actually being solved. What, then, does Energy and Equity ultimately offer us today? Artists depicted the infant as a miniature adult seated on his mother’s arm.


At present, our values are fuzzy, as are the goals that arise from them: The different cost of acquiring clients is just one of the characteristics which distinguish convivial from manipulative institutions.

A community can choose between Methadone and “cold turkey” – between maintaining its addiction to alien energy and kicking it in painful cramps – but no society can have a population that is hooked on progressively larger numbers of energy slaves and whose members are also autonomously active”.

Speed, Equity, and the Mobility Crisis: Ivan Illich in the Digital Era | Kneeling Bus

Above this threshold, energy grows at the expense of equity. At stake in the choice between the eauity right and left is the very nature of human life. Today all schools are obligatory, open-ended, and competitive. Thick, dense stuff, but the main point of his argument is that once a mode of transportation reaches a certain threshold say mphthe social structure is rearranged to accommodate the transport at the expense of free time ollich freedom of mobility.

From inside the book. The social decision to allocate educational resources preferably to those citizens who have outgrown the extraordinary learning capacity of their first four years and have not arrived at the height of their self-motivated learning will, in retrospect, probably appear as bizarre.