Emilios Christodoulidis. Formation, First holder, David Walker. Website, The Chair of Jurisprudence is a Professorship at the University of Glasgow, founded in Emilios Christodoulidis, University of Glasgow, School of Law, Faculty Member. Studies Critical Legal Theory and Bonnie Honig. Dennis Davis, Democracy and Deliberation: Transformation and the South African Legal Order (Kenwyn: Juta, ). Research output: Contribution to journal.

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Jurisprudence and Critical Legal Theory.

Emilios Christodoulidis

My interest in this paper, more specifically, is with constitutionalisation as a process of ‘becoming-constitutional’, christodouliddis conditions of that process, and the criteria of ascription of constitutionality. Log In Sign Up. European Politeia1, pp. Etica e Politica16 2pp. Marshall’s influential argument that social rights are continuous to civil and political rights has become both the grounding assumption in constitutional theory and at the same time the most obvious lie in the constitutional practice of advanced capitalist democracies, clearly belied in EU constitutional practice christodoulidiz austerity.

He had then lectured in Social and Political Philosophy at Glasgow whilst writing his PhD, and in had been appointed Professor of Philosophy at the University of Stirlingbefore returning to Glasgow in Second it identifies key moments of the critical-theoretical enterprise, the basic premises of critical-theory-construction, by providing an inventory of terms and a necessarily brief explanation of them: I cannot argue christodouidis length chrishodoulidis I am convinced that deliberation is a scandal.

This in turn both suggusts opportunities for action carrying utopian vision but also leads to a better understanding of what shifts are involved in the social problematic of alternative politics that have shifted away from the framework in which Luhmann sees political possibility circumscribed.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society. Chdistodoulidis TheoryJurisprudenceand Legal Theory.


The third chapter deals with the Transformation of Law, and in particular with the question whether the new constellation of power and knowledge beyond the state requires different thinking about the concept and the role of law Micklitz, Patterson, Gupta, and Kukovec. Social and Legal Studies19 2pp. Anton was a solicitorand served on the Scottish Law Commission from towas Literary Director of the Stair Society from toand was appointed CBE on his retirement from the chair in Chair of Jurisprudence University of Glasgow.

He has the right to ask you for his release and for damages and interest. I will explore some of the more adventurous and persuasive such attempts to argue for an inclusive constitutionalism, one that supposedly reaches out to civil society and in order to do so relaxes the rigidity of its own terms, to harbour and host the diversity it aspires to represent.

JurisprudenceSociology of Lawand Legal Theory. JurisprudenceConstitutional Lawand European Law. Luxemburger juristische Studien 1.

A Debate with Alain Supiot. The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning. It shows how this founders since there christdooulidis no place for recognizing the political significance of social antagonism within the horizon of Arendt’s constitutional thought.

Bloomsbury Professional – Emilios Christodoulidis – Emilios Christodoulidis

The first traces the origin and the effect of crisis; the second looks at the jurisprudence of the Greek Council of State in its decision over the constitutionalisation of austerity; the third engages in a conceptual analysis of ‘gift’, ‘hospitality’ and ‘debt’ in the work of Johan van der Walt; the fourth explores the asset-stripping of Greece as orchestrated by the troika, and in particular the handing over of the operation of the port of Piraeus to Chinese capital; the final part is about Greek tragedy, ‘donors and supplicants’.

Also a good laugh in class and goes to pains to explain difficult subjects in a way that students can grasp. Alternatively to pluralise the other term, Europe, is to see it as under-determined, whatever form that under-determination might take: Critical because it attempts to situate the potential for utopian politics within that framework which, according to Luhmann, precludes it. He is author of many articles on constitutional theory, democratic theory, critical legal theory, and transitional justice, and his book Law and Reflexive Politics won the European Award for Legal Theory in and the Society of Legal Scholars SLS Prize for ‘Outstanding Legal Scholarship’; it was also translated and published in Japan.


Exclusionary Reasoning and the Question of the Partciular. I argue that writing solidarity into social rights constitutionalism carries productive tension into constitutional thinking because it disturbs the smooth passage from civil to political and finally to social rights.

Emilios Christodoulidis – Work on Demand: Contracting for Work in a Changing Economy

Against a celebratory of constitutional pluralism and its recasting of the ‘constitutional’ across plural axes, I suggest that a disquieting suspicion arises about which reduction is operative in gathering together Europe’s ‘many Constitutions’, and the variety it permits.

SociologyCriminologyLawand Social legal studies. The Coherence of EU Law: Co-authored with Emilios Christodoulidis. The title itself of this collection, and christodouliddis the colloquium from which it emerged, confronts us straight away with a problem: After the revolutionary overthrow of the monarchy in France, the question of christodouliddis fate of Louis XVI is posed before the Convention.

You get the impression his wisdom never ends! His charisma and anecdotal style made lectures the highlight of my week! Critical studies in jurisprudence. Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg: