Embrace (5 Book Series) by Jessica Shirvington. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Two Choices: Angel or Exile. Lincoln or Phoenix. The wrong choice . Book four of this series is about to be published in Australia, so Shirvington is hardly a newcomer despite this being her first U.S. publication. The CW Network, along with Amblin Entertainment and CBS Television Studios, is developing ssica Shirvington’s Embrace, and its follow-ups.

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But then all the sudden it is forgotten, she is confidently hanging around strange guys and it kind of felt like it was just thrown in.

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) by Jessica Shirvington

I would recommend it to anyone shirvintgon likes paranormal, romance, YA, fantasy, and who wants to start a new series. I know if I had read this book six years ago it would have been my favourite, much like how I loved Halo but would despise it now.

End with a cliff hanger because we always got to have a sequel. And shitvington books are quite dialogue-heavy, so I can see them as TV dramas. I tend to have a dislike towards the lead characters these days, feeling I’m unable to relate at all, but I really adored her.

The one where you stay up too late reading, no matter what you embace going on the next day, because you can’t wait to find out where the story is going?

Vlog coming soon, dedicated to Kelly-Jane since she wanted me to rant. View all 6 comments.

Again, I know teens talk like valley girls and say annoying things and want to know EVERY intimate detail of each others lives, but seriously. LOVED the quotes at the beginning of each chapter The characters in this book are embeace and kickass. Jul 24, Nic rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I just do not Okay, I liked the idea of the book The whole concept is completely original and interesting The problem is Bella Swan, what hast thou wrought?


There have been some great entries into the YA fantasy world lately with angel lore, and after reading many positive reviews for this one, I thought I’d give it a shot. How is it possible for a girl like Violet to get ONE guy to like her?!

I think she was shirvinhton very strong female character and I’m so glad that there wasn’t a huge love triangle because I would have hated that competing against the fact that she was kick-ass.

There’s some teen drinking in it as well.

Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Embrace’ Heads to Television

Lincoln just seemed so nice and all, perfect boyfriend material. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in. I had a hard time getting into these books. The writing of this debut book is in first person, past tense in a straight-forward style and is engaging as it propels the story forward.

Violet uncovers destiny, Violet asks questions, Violet is pissed, Violet asks more questions–and maybe does one or two things towards the end. Steph was a shirvingtpn friend, but the dialogue between ebmrace and Violet was like nails on a chalkboard to me. But I preferred to focus on other things, like my high cheekbones, full lips, and creamy complexion. Hey, Violet, You’re not the only one hurting and guess what, you’re not the only one who went through this This, to me, was another Twilight.

I am not even talking about the fact that these embrade are not even love triangles. However, it felt like in this paragraph and what lead to it she was blaming her mum for dying. For the sake of one of my new Goodreads shirvingtin Caitlin.

Add your preferred email address and password to your account. She seemed to put all of her trust in Pheonix who is unquestionably manipulative, and obviously filled with dark secrets. So this is kind of going beyond dreamland for me. And I’m going to get a finished copy just so I can have that gorgeous purple cover on my shelf!


She will take chances, make mistakes, and is willing to make sacrifices. There was a lot of punching, but some awesome weapons would have been nice. This book, however, blended right into the pile. Prior to Goodreads I pretty much set my own reading challenges to see how fast I could read these books.

I get that having a parent die while giving to you is different, I wouldn’t know. You see, she represented everything opposite to the untainted man, and brought with her all of my favorite things: Not to mention he has hair the color of an opal.

At the beginning she is a little bit jumpy even around Lincoln her major crush. Return to Book Page. Lincoln has some serious anger and possession issues too, but at least he maintains some semi-normal qualities.

Of course, when she was first told she denied it. At the moment, the author is enjoying another first: I tried so had for so long to deny myself. How can one have opal colored hair? Yes you’ve read that right. Don’t get me wrong though, I love both of them.

Jessica Shirvington’s ‘Embrace’ Heads to Television

It’s the kind of book that catches your attention from page one and keeps it long even after the last page is turned. Violet and the Plausibility Gap Violet Eden is our heroine, who is damaged, shyly withdrawn, but of course is both rich and effortlessly beautiful, drawing the eye of many a supernaturally powered suitor: Sometimes it’s shircington hard being nice.

Embrace is about angels, but it’s in no way just another angel book! Hsirvington do I start?