Embedded Image Processing on the TMSCTM DSP: Examples in Code Composer StudioTM and MATLAB [Shehrzad Qureshi] on The TMSC Line of DSPs (Image Processing). Even though this topic has a narrow focus, it calls for a wide array of tools, some hardware (DSP. Written for practicing signal and image processing engineers, this book discusses the implementation of advanced image processing algorithms on.

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Embedded Image Processing on the TMS320C6000 DSP: Examples in Code Composer Studio and MATLAB

With respect to the 2D DWT example, the “canonical” form of the algorithm as just described can be altered so that it produces identical output, but does not require the use of a matrix transposition. For a more thorough discussion of DSP architectures and the history of the evolution of DSPs, the reader is referred to [9].

A fully automated system, such as one that might be found in a real- time military application, would of course require some means of determining the appropriate window and level parameters. As one would expect, as these types of optimizations are incorporated gms320c6000 an algorithm, its essential nature tends to become clouded with the details of the tricks played to coax more performance out of an implementation.

Mainly this is due to space constraints, as the more theory that is covered, the fewer algorithms that can fit into a book of this size. Fixed-point representation of numbers.

But just as important, there are other cases that must be taken into account. Histogram equalizing h i l l s. There are no discussion topics embedsed this book yet.

Floating-point numbers basically represent this set in scientific notation, and they processinf capable of representing a large range of values. This is because at object construction time, the Windows child controls C S t a t i cC S l i d e r C t r land so on have not actually been created yet. Ddsp of this bookkeeping is performed within the I m a g e 8 b p p constructor, shown in Listing The downside to VLIW is what happens if there are not enough independent instructions to completely fill up the fetch packet, or even worse, if the compiler is not intelligent enough perform the requisite code analysis and transformations to remove such dependencies should they appear which they will.

  ISO 6506-4 PDF

As a result, this book is not intended to be a complete coverage of image processing theory and first principles, for that the reader is referred to [1] or [2].

The imshow and i m a g e s c commands are similar, except that the former is available only if you have the Image Processing Toolbox installed. While it makes for less aesthetically pleasing code, once you get the hang of it, the machinations of fixed-point arithmetic are really not that difficult to deal with.

For fixed-point programs, care must be taken to use coefficients in Q15 format. NET 30 2. A potential automated targeting application could accept the windowed and leveled gray-scale image as input, and then proceed to bin the connected pixels into disparate objects using morphological operators.

The embedded image processing algorithms implemented in this book target this family of DSPs. Finally, I jmage like to thank Springer for their continued support in this endeavor, especially Melissa Guasch, Deborah Doherty, and Alex Greene for their help in the final preparation of the manuscript.

The remaining MFC-centric portion of the code is fairly straightforward. In various parts of the book, code listings are given and these listings use om point non-proportional font so prpcessing are highlighted from the rest of the text.

Embedded Image Processing on the TMSC DSP

Displaying contrast enhanced gray-scale images using the Image Processing Toolbox is extremely easy. For example, an eight-instruction fetch packet could be executed in the following manner: Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2. Some of the Visual Studio.

Remember, a floating-point processor is a superset of a fixed-point processor, and there is not much required to get a working fixed-point algorithm running efficiently on a floating-point architecture.


Code Composer Studio provides numerous data visualization tools. At this point, it would be best to re-create the project from scratch, using the provided project file as a template. The above expression is the convolution equation in two dimensions. This chapter explores three image enhancement algorithms that feature manipulation of the input image’s histogram to produce a qualitatively better looking output image: Convolution is of fundamental importance in signal processing theory, and because this topic is covered so well in many other sources2’3, a mathematically rigorous and thorough discussion is not given here.

An image Figure Another example is an x-ray camera, in which case the “scene” is typically some portion of the human body or a dense object e. In this chapter, we discuss a variety of common spatial image processing algorithms and then implement these algorithms on the DSP.

Distorted Sine output from Transformer 8. This same font is used wherever any code snippets are needed.

Contrast stretching is a common technique, and can be quite effective if utilized properly. If the neighborhood N iJ consists of a single pixel, then this process entails a remapping of pixel intensities. The o n e s function returns a constant matrix of ones. The user first imports an image into the application using FilejLoad. This project can be used as a template for other simple EVM projects, as it is about as bare bones as a CCStudio project can be, consisting of just a “linker command”.

This has ceased to be a problem because they now come in USB flavors, making them much faster – definitely a welcome development as single-stepping through a debugger over a parallel port on the older DSKs used to be painfully slow! Code Composer Studio running w i n d o w. Dec 248: