Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. The years of living in India were the time of the most important and fruitful work by Elena Roerich. This is where she completed the main part of her volume. Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as.

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In the book she combined her profound knowledge of history and theology with a deep love to the great devotee. This will lead us to the great Sacrament—the consummation of Being, which is called the Crown of Crowns. Only the one who knew how to obey and to execute could take great responsibility and understand all the immutableness of the order.

The great minds of that time Russian scientists V. In ancient times obedience was a step toward the next ordainment. Therefore, if there is no expectation there can be no answer. Ponder over the majesty of what is given! Thus, by deepening our consciousness we comprehend the laws.

Consciously must the spirit be nurtured.

We must be able to hold them. All difficulties and dangers were endured under the same stoic leadership. One can think of the names of such heroines as Kovalevsky, Blavatsky, Dashkova, Volkonsky, Morozova and many others.


Let us collect the most beautiful, heroic images of all times and countries, and with creative imagination let us apply their achievements in our life, taking into consideration the peculiarities of our epoch. In simplicity one can build the greatest Temple. The Teacher affirms, but is not confused.

In Januaryafter her husband’s death, Roerich, together with her elder son moved to Delhi and then to Khandala Bombay’s suburbwhere they had waited for steamship from Russia with their entrance visas.

Think of the advantage this knowledge gives us! My young friends, fill up the treasury of your spirit. By applying the gifts of indications and possibilities bestowed by the Reorich Hand of the Teacher, we can build a great deal, elevating ourselves in the eyes of roerch world and in this life, completing the good karma by obedience to the guiding indications.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

Where are other similarly fortunate ones who can say this? It is time to realize this because by realizing, by strengthening our spirit, we shall become the real victors. Agni Yoga Roerich Pact. But we are not destroyers. The Cosmos manifests unity of law, but there is no repetition in its variety. Apply it in life, as everything is of worth only in life and for life.

Letters of Helena Roerich I

There is no greater joy than the joy of a growing consciousness! And what is applied? She was the only woman who completed this extremely difficult itinerary. However, only in observations and comparisons with human nature is it possible to find the keys to all the mysteries of life, and therefore the solution to many problems of everyday life.


At the same time, she was a person of amazing modesty. The creativeness of the magnet of life consists of these chains. Man’s free will or free choice molds his destiny.

Helena Roerich

Roerichs and Tver region. Let us remember the leading Hierarch, and let us honor the nearest, the roericu Guru. Each thought of this kind will mean extra weight for the legs and will complicate the dangerous ascent.

Personal responsibility is not only connected with the broadest cooperation, but, truly speaking, this cooperation or collaboration is the basis of personal responsibility.

Helena Roerich – Wikipedia

Doubt is the most frightful poison. Perhaps the concept of a City of Knowledge is less clear in the consciousness of the co-workers than the other ideas. Therefore, after each victory we must strive with redoubled force toward the next, still greater battle and victory.