In future if need evolves for a small universal machine like PCB BOX or My experiences with the PCBBOX (same as the PCB Prototyper). ()lynkx What do you think? I’m very tempted to buy it. The Elektor PCB Service was originally launched in , and since then more for prototypes, without compromising on quality or delivery (try our PCB proto.

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Are any of those modifications necessary? As all of us electronics engineers are geeks and nerds in soul i got a beautiful chance to learn alot about CNC machines and adopt this one to my needs.

The new Elektor PCB prototyper post the specsfor example is the spindle runs anything slower than 30K rpm forget it , mine runs 70K RPM and even that is a little slow for some tools really.

It needs to have a right-angled adaptor as most vac hoses stick out too far when plugged in and I have to operate the machine at an angle because it fouls the back wall when the hose is connected.

We would appreciate if you can confirm listed PCB specification also. They’ll love them And very nice tips for working on front panels! I let you know my results. Unfortunately, due to a programming error or oversight, I have not managed to get the LED to blink and two In the end, I used a plain sheet of A4 paper and adjusted the milling depth to take the thickness of the paper into account.


The PCB Prototyper in Practice

The machine works like a charm and I dont regret buying it. Lines, arcs and letters prototyoer drill holes. The new Elektor PCB prototyper — days old. Shenzhen Flying Technology Co. This means that the milling head rubs over the surface of the material and leaves scratch marks.

The port at the back is not well thought out.

I was milling a double Eurocard. Actually, it’s probably more ptototyper. We have expanded our factories and increased staff because of our higher sales volume. Sort of worked, but where the film was cut through, the milling head would snag the film as it moved across the surface and lift it up, creating uneven clumps of plastic.

I pointed some colleagues to your Formant frontpanels. Unfortunately, when selecting individual tracks to be milled, the software forgot that it has to send the drill head round at a sensible speed and sent it shooting round the PCB outline at breakneck speed.

You really need those pins as the sideways forces when milling are quite large and will result in mis-shapen holes being milled. New arrival 12v battery charger pcb board. Maybe someone forgot to press the “1” key.

Nor can they be polished out. Anyway, my first couple of attempts weren’t bad, but I wasn’t happy with the header on the panel, so I decided to scan in the original artwork and laboriously recreate the letters.


I would not like to elketor with the machine myself, unless absolutely necessary. But i could do nothing without manufacturer standing next to me and supporting me. Well I tried a number of methods. From then i have milled and engraved PCB, aluminium, wood, lexan, plastics. IF you dont do this the machine will need to be cm from wall distanced to allow connection.


You said that you did a few modifications on the machine focused on slight modifications on the exhaust system connectors to allow hose connection at 90 angle. Power circuit electronic hand mobile ipad pcb board. There are 6 elektor pcb prototyper suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Masking tape is insufficient to hold the board rigidly in place. This caused the milling depth to vary noticeably.

ELEKTOR FORUMS • View topic – Elektor PCB prototyper – first PCB made!

While adding endless PRINT statements to show intermediate results, it occurred prptotyper me that there had to be a better way.

You can see for yourself, the results are pretty impressive! Took 16 weeks to arrive when I was promised 6. After assembling the machine with new parts i did few more modifications so the machine has a better flavor for me.

So, what are my overall impressions of this machine? So far, my Formant is looking good.