Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Klaus Kupfer and others published Electromagnetic Aquametry. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , K. Kupfer and others published Electromagnetic Aquametry: Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Water. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. This book covers all aspects of Electromagnetic Aquametry. It summarizes the wide area of metrology and its.

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Press and information Press releases Press Archives. The International Society for Electromagnetic Aquametry ISEMA is an informal association of scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and government who are bound together by their common interest in the theory, technology, and practical application of RF and microwave measurements of water content in a wide range of materials.

We sincerely thank all the authors for their contributions and the referees for their efforts in reviewing the articles, decisively contributing aqametry the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the papers.

Measurement Science and Technology.

Electromagnetic wavesMoistureMoisture meters, MicrowaveMeasurementElectromagnetic devices. Just to give an idea of the conference coverage, papers were arranged in eleven sessions Dielectric properties of water and solutions, Frequency domain methods, Time domain methods, Modelling and inversion, Material properties, Porous media, Metrology, Applications in biomedicine agriculture and food, Applications in civil engineering and cultural heritage, Devices and industrial applications, and Remote sensing and imagingplus three special opening talks devoted to theoretical subjects.


This site uses cookies. Capineri L et al Water detection in thermal insulating materials by high resolution imaging with holographic radar Meas.

Belyaeva T A et al The effect of very low water content on the complex dielectric permittivity of clays, sand-clay and sand rocks Meas. Artemov V G Dynamical conductivity of confined water Meas. Olmi R and Bittelli M Can molecular dynamics help in understanding dielectric phenomena?

Services for libraries National interlibrary loan International interlibrary loan. Browse subjects Browse through journals Browse through conferences. Aqusmetry navigation Document information Similar titles. Buffa F et al An atmosphere monitoring system for the Sardinia radio telescope Meas.

After a first informal meeting, held inannual technical conferences on the subjects of interest for ISEMA members were held in Germany in the late s. Wilczek A et al Electromagnetic simulations for salinity index error estimation Meas.

For further questions please contact our TIB customer service. Electronic books The e-book database EBC.

Editorial for special section on electromagnetic aquametry – IOPscience

Novel applications are also covered, for example, on electromagnetic diagnostics in the preservation of cultural heritage, near-field microwave microscopy, holographic radar, and atmospheric monitoring by radio-telescope.

Magrini D et al Investigation on water content in fresco mock-ups in the microwave and near-IR spectral regions Meas. Since water occurs in most materials in nature as a natural component of the material or is introduced during technological processes, it is quite obvious that measurement and control of moisture content continues to be of great economic and technical importance.


Knowledge and control of moisture content in a large variety of materials presents a great potential for saving fuel, energy and manpower combined with an improvement in the quality of the end product, determining a powerful incentive for research and equipment development all over the world.

Bore T et al Broadband auametry analysis of compacted kaolin Meas. Gu S et al Dielectric properties characterization of saline solutions by near-field microwave microscopy Meas.

By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. Last but not least, we would like to thank the entire Editorial Board of Measurement Science and Technology for the interest in our work, and for their kind and electrromagnetic support. Lewandowski A et al 0.

Editorial for special section on electromagnetic aquametry

Theoretical aspects relating to confined water and to the molecular-dynamics simulation of moist substances are also covered. Careers and apprenticeships Equal opportunities Vacancies Apprenticeships. Get permission to re-use this article. British Library Online Contents Roberto Olmi 1 and Marco Bittelli. Sign up for new issue notifications.