Electrolux WH 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor. SKU: WH. Extremely Low water Consumption; Compass control Features AWS-Automatic Weighing. WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor available to rent or buy from Acer Equipment, suppliers of commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux WH washing machine front loading Suspended frame l G-factor front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus .

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Please contact the auction office. Registration for bidding is only via i-bidder. Where to buy 0. In the example leftthe length of the program step and the heating temperature can be altered. Procedure for use 20 For machines with weighing equipment installed only!

This is especially the case in relation to cranes, lifting tackle and forklift trucks. Their current functions at any time are shown on the display immediately above each key. Two small screwdrivers are required to remove the core cover. This takes between 5 and 15 seconds.

You can rely on Slectrolux to give you years of trouble free service with your washing machine. Any bid shall be deemed to be eelctrolux offer by the buyer to purchase any lot tendered upon these conditions. Procedure for use 19 For machines with weighing equipment installed only! The drain valve remains closed. The lowest level for a mop program in the main wash with heating is 22 scale units. The hour and odometer readings on machinery and vehicles in this or any sale cannot be warranted and should not be relied upon.


Title does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full. Use the numeric keys to enter the new parameter.

WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor | Acer Equipment

For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: Skip to content WH WH. If the elements are very dirty, it may be wise to remove the elements from the drum when cleaning them.

The chip on the card can hold about 10 to 15 programs of normal size, while the chip in the program control unit has a capacity of several hundred programs. By continuing to browse the site without changing your browser’s cookie settings, you consent to our use of cookies. We do not automatically take payment from the card registered with i-bidder.

Electrolux – W4105H – (11kg) Washer Extractor

In other words, the program is copied from the memory card into the operating memory, and the machine runs the program entirely from the set of instructions in the operating memory. Procedure for use 51 Electro,ux machines with weighing equipment installed only!

In order to qualify for a refund of the VAT and for the sale to be zero rated the goods electrolxu be exported within 3 months of the time of supply and valid evidence of export received by the Auctioneers within one month of the date of export De meeste componenten van de machine kunnen worden hergebruikt, maar hij bevat ook ander materiaal dat op een juiste wijze moet worden behandeld. Empty all pockets and do up zip fasteners.


Press b repeatedly tohighlight “EXIT”. Minors must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the machine. This text description is electrilux when a new wash program is created.

Economical With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts. Please enquire for your destination point requirements.

Electrolux W4105H Manuals

These are cards the size of a credit card which contain a memory chip. Another way to pause the program: This Electrolux frontloading washing machine offers electroux finest quality materials, design and workmanship.

Economical With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts. If you want to delete more programs: This prevents creasing of the load.