L utilisation d’une électrode à anneau tournant a permis d’obtenir la totalité de la relation J(E) entre la densité de courant J et le potentiel électrode tournante. ETUDE VOLTAMMETRIQUE DE LA REDUCTION DES IODATES A UNE ELECTRODE TOURNANTE DE PLATINE Par J. BADOZ-LAMBLING et C. GUILLAUME. Chem Instrum – Margarit J, Lévy M () Étude theéoretique d’une électrode tournante á double anneau. Partie I. Recherche du facteur d’efficacité.

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The shield line in this cable assures that the chassis of the motor unit is in contact with the chassis of the control unit. The rotation rate is always displayed on the front panel, but it can also be monitored at the output jacks on the front panel of the control unit. A simple banana cable with an alligator clip may be used to connect these metal objects to the earth ground.

This section of the manual discusses information pertaining to routine operation of the rotator. The first important connection is to ground any metal clamps or cell supports near the electrochemical cell see Figure 4.

To avoid issues with signal noise when making electrochemical measurements, it is important to properly ground all metal objects near an electrochemical cell to the earth ground.

Moteur de recherche d’électrode

The fully counterclockwise position corresponds to the slowest rotation rate, and it is always safest to turn on the rotator with the knob in this position. Do not use tools on the shaft or electrode tip. There is no universally accepted color coding scheme for marking potentiostat cell cable connections.

Text of the Claims and Abstract are posted:. The power switch on the back panel also acts as a circuit breaker to help protect the control unit circuitry. While the details of proper grounding for any given electrochemical experiment may differ, a common approach when working with a rotating electrode cell is to connect the chassis of all instruments involved in the experiment to the earth ground at a common point. When raising and lowering the motor unit along the main support rod, be sure to hold the motor unit carefully so that it does not unexpectedly fall and break tournanye glass cell located below the motor unit.


Any discrepancies in the text and image of the Claims and Abstract are due to differing posting times. These older, unshielded motor control cables are easily recognized because they are permanently connected turnante the control unit.

The electrode shaft normally rotates in a clockwise direction as viewed from the top of the rotator. The fully counterclockwise position corresponds nominally to a rotation rate of zero. Some older rotator models did not have a shielded motor control cable. Banana jumper cables are used to short together the opposing brushes in each pair to assure good contact with both sides of the rotating shaft.

Achat de Potentiostat Galvanostat Monovoie pour Électrochimie

An insulating spacer just below the mounting area isolates the mounting area from the electrode contact area. Use a short banana jumper cable to connect the opposing brushes together see Figure 4. To mitigate the wear rate of the brush contacts, it is recommended that four special low-humidity brushes sold separately be installed prior to placing the rotator in the glove box.

The DC common may or may not be connected to the earth ground depending upon how the experimental apparatus is arranged and depending upon the internal circuitry of the potentiostat.

Always turn the rotation rate control knob completely counterclockwise towards the zero rotation rate position electrodr turning on the rotator. A bipotentiostat provides independent control of two different working electrodes in the same electrochemical cell. The shaft is connected to the rotator motor via a brass motor coupling located inside the brush chamber see Figure 4.


Other ratios are available for use with other potentiostats see Section 6. Connection of Counter and Reference Electrodes. These doors are securely latched during rotator operation and push two pairs of contact brushes against the rotating shaft.

Potentiostat monovoie

All cells should be clamped to the side post and also supported from below using the cell platform. For a cell with multiple side ports, carefully orient the cell so that any accessories mounted in the side ports have enough clearance. The Government of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources.

Do not turn on the rotator or rotate the electrode shaft if the shaft is not securely mounted in the motor coupling. It is also very important to note that the chassis of the rotator control unit is in direct contact with the earth ground connector.

If a tip cannot be removed from a shaft by hand, then contact the factory for further instructions. Thank you for waiting. Sorry, the representative drawing for patent document number was tournnate found. This floating configuration is considered ideal because it gives the researcher maximum flexibility when working with electrochemical cells that may contain an earth grounded component. It is normal for the last one or two tournantf on the display to flicker.

Connecting the Rotation Rate Control Cable. If left ungrounded, these metal objects may act as a source of environmental noise in the measured signals from the electrochemical cell.