Find great deals for Korg ESX1SD Electribe SX Production Station Sampler. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals on eBay for Korg ESX in Musical Electronic Samples and Samplers. Shop with confidence. Sorry, the Korg Electribe-SX is no longer available. We’ve left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free () .

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The electribe series lets you play back your carefully constructed patterns while using intuitive operations to add spice and reveal new sonic possibilities. Each part can be independently routed to any of the three effects processors, and you can even use the Chain function to link multiple effects in series.

Filter – 4 types synth part: A Band Pass Filter, which only passes frequencies close to or to each side of the center frequency it is set to. Crisp filters and speedy-smooth timbral modulation. A full set of instruction is included as. Electribe Sampler with V2. Data can be quickly saved and loaded via SmartMedia. Effects, Motion Sequencing, and Pattern length have also been expanded. Audio inputs electrlbe you to process external signals through the on-board filter and effects, and an elsctribe pair of assignable outputs has been added as well.

Quick Start Tutorial all: Digital outputs include A and B busses, bringing the total number of busses to Read the full description, Operating System Version 1.


Auto BPM Detection sets the tempo based on any external audio source using the audio in jacks. As for the sequencing capabilities, up to patterns can be created and stored to the internal memory. As Stretch Parts, their tempos can be freely adjusted without affecting their pitch. Track-making is intuitive; each musical part is created using the same workflow as when producing a song.

Easy Start Guide all: A generous seconds of memory at ss Multitimbral – 16 total; 2 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 drum accent part, 2 stretch part, 1 slice part, 1 audio in part. Skip to main content.

Music Production Station | Drum Machine | Sampler | Korg ESX1SD

Powerful arpeggiator uses our ribbon controller and ekectribe for generating inspired phrases. The edits you make to each of the effects processors can be saved with each pattern. Twin vacuum tube VALVE FORCE wlectribe, delivering analog warmth or menacing bite Three stereo effects that can be chained together for radical sound warping Crisp filters and speedy-smooth timbral modulation Built-in step sequencer, delivering intuitive song production Motion Sequence function, to capture and replay sound-tweaking knob movements Powerful arpeggiator, ribbon controller and slider, for generating inspired phrases Auto BPM Detection, which sets the tempo based on any external audio source.

The downloaded files will be.

Up to 24 motion sequences can be used in a single pattern, allowing you to control virtually every sound parameter. You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs, the ESX-1 ships with 3 demo electirbe. Dont like what you just recorded?. This page was last updated: Realtime recording lets you record phrases as you perform, and step recording allows you to input the timing, pitch and duration one note at a time.


Sampled loops can be elecrtibe to the Stretch Parts.

Three stereo effects can be chained together for radical sound warping. This is good for accentuating certain frequencies on top of the original signal. And a new ribbon controller and slider have been added, providing a remarkable realtime interface for accessing the powerful arpeggiator. Great condition and I have doubled checked that everything on this unit is in working order. The tutorial provides a basic introduction to the product and electrige various parts, so that you can get familiar with the ESX-1 before digging in to elecrribe the owner’s manual.

Korg ESX1SD Electribe SX Production Station Sampler

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Besides, the basic functions as