In short Eldar Corsairs are about as mech-capable as Eldar (without At this point in 7E, with all the crazy formations and powerful codex’s out. Eldar Corsairs Codex Forge World – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hi all, Zyekian here to take a look at the great new and updated units the Corsair Codex has to offer. The rules here can be found in the Imperial.

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The Imperum consider them a threat and engaged a xenocidal campaign against the aliens, destroying their stone vessels and exterminating them in apparent totality. Craftworld technology is prevalent both in the corsair fleets and equipment used on the battleground, though despite this, it is not xodex for Dark Eldar technology to be seen amongst the ranks of the corsairs.

Corsairs appreciate the heavy firepower and speed that vypers provide. Home Help Search Login Register. The prince thrusted at the orks with a neuro-disrupting blade dropping an ork with every strike of weapon.

Codex – Eldar Corsairs Angry Pirate Edition – 1d4chan

Numerous diverse groups are required to maintain a fleet. Battle reports can be posted and read here. Alternatively, bring in Redemption Force on Turn 3, and have the Corsairs come in on Turn 2 and run around killing stuff, leaving the army crippled before the Deathwing come in and finish epdar. While nowhere near the as capable of manipulating genetics eldqr a tyranid broad queen, the shamans have been able to influence the development of their arsenal to tailor them to their taste.


Not bad, but not super cheap either.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

Many turn to the corsair fleets to escape from the ridged society of the craftworlds or the drudgery of the exodite lifestyle.

A highly efficient laser weapon utilized by the eldar.

The character now counts as cavalry. But, this is a rarity, as most princes will not agree to incorporate humans into their fleets, as such relationships are highly strained and invite disaster.

Many exodites join with corsairs for several years in the hopes of exploring the galaxy before returning to their home world. The lost of the kroot was only minor setback and something to be expected.

Often corsairs have appropriated demolition corssirs from imperial sources, but it is not uncommon for the corsairs to build their own. Corsairs often use weapons that are able overcome an opponent with the slightest cut. Far superior to the human lasgun the lasblaster is able to produce a high rate of fire while maintaining accuracy at high range.

Crews can be drawn from a single craftworld or exodite planet or be formed from all corners of the galaxy, being composed of a vast array of cultures. One out of every three bikers may replace their close combat weapon with a power weapon for 7 points or an eldar powerfist for 15 points. This causes the corsair forces to drift towards tactics and equipment typically shunned, or not even conceived of, by other eldar.

Codex – Eldar Corsairs Angry Pirate Edition

Treat these units as destroyed if the character carry the portal is killed before deploy the webway. Doing so is a risky cofsairs and often the vessel would have to flee from reprisal once it reveled its position. A devour houses parasites with harden heads. Two out of every three corsairs must be placed into a heavy weapon platform.


Games Workshop in no way endorses any of the Angry Codices.

For the most up to date reports about what is going on with the forum, and the latest topics of interestthrow us a like on Facebookand if you’re wanting some light banter with the seasoned and spiced members, join the Second Sphere Members Group. Balestrike Squadron’s are great, but there are few more reliable ways to kill something with a high Armour Value than Haywire Blasters. The other two are sub-par. Many foolhardy adventurous eldar seek out these pirate lords in the hopes of achieving a life of adventure.

A fusion pistol has the following profile: Warwalkers allow the corsairs to stealthily position heavy firepower. The lieutenant will bestow the advantages of their methodology to the squad they are leading and count as a squad upgrade for targeting purposes. Princes often possess a flair for eccentric behavior, many take on companion creatures like the Besarife monkey, or a speech bird, or even the rare gyrinx.

Instead you have to hope for the perfect piece of LOS-blocking terrain in the middle of the board, or just accept that your Balestrikes are a suicide unit and keep them cheap. And unlike other forces, the eldar fighting along side the prince due so not out personal obligation to the home front, but freely follow the prince into danger out of loyalty and shared benefit.