: El maestro de go/ The master of go (Lingua Franca) (Spanish Edition) () by Yasunari Kawabata and a great selection of similar . El maestro de Go. Front Cover. Yasunari Kawabata. Emecé, Author Yasunari Kawabata was born in Osaka, Japan on June 14, He experienced. El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Rather than rushing to acquire the game of Go, I am inclined to acquire further works by this great Japanese author and loose myself for a few hours in the imaginary world painted by him.

Life and death of the stone A stone has a life and can be killed when entirely surrounded by the adversarial stone. Go seemed to be outplaying Shusai throughout, and Shusai, in desperation, resorted to an extremely unethical strategy. Another, more subtle motif in the story is the idea of the game as a pure form, untouched by the outside world.

Sollte aber nicht so viel Wissen vorher vorhanden sein, hilft der sehr lehrreiche Anhang aber weiter. Just like Kokoro or the majority of Yukio Mishima’s work, Master Of Go belongs to that corner of Japanese culture in favor of the “old” Meiji-era and against the “new” Western influence, loss of values etc. There, Otake’s started at R while the Master’s followed at R-4 p.

El Maestro de Go

He apparently thought this was his best book – remember that he won the Nobel Prize. White 2, White 4, White The shadows of Yo followed the Master hovering into the vagueness of his existence.

The Master’s heart causes him frequent pain and he appears to be swollen in body, despite rarely eating. One conducted the battle only to win, and there was no margin for remembering the dignity and the fragrance of Go as an art.


Lingua Franca: El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata (, Paperback) | eBay

The subtleties of the book take it to the level where it may be difficult – despite a fairly simple general plot – to accept it as easily accessible. One of the reasons is that it primarily focuses on the ultimate Go competition between the Master Shusai and the challenger Otake of the Seventh Rank from June 26, in Tokyo to December 4 in Ito p.

Return to Book Page. Like an isolated stone that becomes less powerful, did the seclusion of his artistic prowess in the modern world made him defenseless?

I guess it would be easy for a reader of the Western world to say that Kawabata’s book is not much more than a slightly fictionalised record of a game that lasted 6 months and was split into several sessions, where two adversaries played and the country silently observed until the Master of Go finally lost and his much younger opponent took the laurel, which, by the way, we are told straight at the onset.

Uragami in this Two stones One sign of a master writer is the ability to match subject and style. However, I’m not a Go player and I wonder which needs higher skills between playing Go or chess, and again, what kind of chess.

It’s amazing how this slowly progressing psychological failure goes hand in hand with that of a purely physiological nature – we observe it in degrading biological processes that accompany the players during the long hours of the game and instinctively sense it in the delicate changes of facial expressions, prolonged recoveries and general frailty of both body and mind.

The Black stone always taking the privilege of an yqsunari move. It’s supposed to be an exploration of old values vs. So too the reader is lulled by the almost meditative pace of the narrative, which develops as slowly as the game does. Kawabata uses the actual game record in his storytelling, a recreation of which you can access here.


Then, in this context, we’d be content with the country, that is, Japan since, I think, it’s not fair or sensible to compare between a master of Japanese Go and a master of, say, Thai chess. You know that Hemingway exhortation about stories being icebergs where most of the mass is under the surface?

My experience with Kawabata is a circuitous road. An era when a single game would yxsunari more than 6 months with close to 50 hours of combined play with a single move taking more than three hours and the game bearing so heavy on the players minds that they would suffer serious health problems to the extent of being hospitalized.

The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata. This wasnot Is a sovereign heritage greater than the art mastro the game? Este dureros de frumos.

The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata

Uragami take this territorial battle further into the lives of the players and the existence of Go as a traditional art and as a embedded yasunafi of a nation. I wonder, would a pun? Uragami, in his reportage addresses the Japanese landscape that is suspended between the resistance of the old cultural mores and the democratic post- war revolution.

The novel is also an excellent example of the Japanese form of shosetsu – a kind of chronicle novel that does not sacrifice art to be factual. A Go match must start at the appointed time even when the player’s parents are on their deathbed or the player himself fell ill right over the chessboard.