Historical thriller set against the backdrop of China’s ancient Tsong Dynasty. : El lector de cadáveres () by Antonio Garrido and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. El lector de cadáveres by Antonio Manuel Garrido Molina at – ISBN X – ISBN – Espasa Libros, S.L. –

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So I sent him home with a nice cuppa and a pat on the shoulder and resolved to drink enough next time so that I’m still drunk by the time we hit the sheets and can keep my illusions thusly intact until the morning after.

Based on the life of Ci Song, the world’s first forensic scientist, this is a historical mystery set in 13th century China. Cadaverfs can then be both naive socially when it comes to issues of love and loyalty, and very precocious when it comes to learning and science, which is a very disciplined branch of knowledge. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like a Chinese Movie I really enjoy those Chinese movies that focus on a historic theme and then tell a fantastical story.

But the author never met a deus he didn’t try to machina. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention. Ci takes what he learned as a forensic investigator and expounds on it and eventually catching the attention of the emperor. Plein de suspense et de surprises!

I had high hopes for The Corpse Reader, which caraveres described as a tale of rudimentary forensic science being employed by a bright young peasant in imperial China, but I think I’m gonna quit it. The writing style was too plain, seemingly stripped of the original author’s intent.

The Corpse Reader

This discovery leads to Ci losing everything–home, family, even the girl he is promised to. The first half started out very slowly but I persevered and the second half was worth the effort! In style it Based on the life of Ci Song, the world’s first forensic scientist, this is a historical mystery set in 13th century China. No trivia or quizzes yet. The second half of the book is when Ci attracts the attention of the emperor and is asked to help solve some gruesome murders The pace picks up quite a bit after that, but I wouldn’t have said the first half was slow either, but just more sedate at times.


Jun 02, Hiroto rated it it was ok Shelves: The dude was hot but had no finesse to his plot. It is only when you dig into the end-papers of the novel, read the author’s notes and his discussion of terms, that you realize that echoes from The Name of the Rose are no circumstance. The level of detail is astounding at times, and it’s obvious a lot of research went into this. Ci labors in his brother’s fields, dreaming of the day that he can go back to school and big city life, when the ox plows up the headless body of a man.

In the end, the most interesting character to me was his later mentor aka the only person who seemed to have brains, a heart and some common sense in this story.

When a crime is committed, he is forced I really enjoyed this book. The cover jacket suggests that Cadaveeres Corpse Reader is paying homage to Song Ci, the founder of what we consider forensic science to be. As I read it, I kept seeing parallels to other historical mysteries: Trivia About The Corpse Reader. Evilenko or Citizen X. Ci Song has such ear 4. I read a lot of historical fiction so it’s not a problem that’s specific to Garrido, but to a lot of authors where they are giving us readers a lot of information thankfully and it reads as a text book instead of a novel unfolding.

It seems to me that Garrido has merged religious ambience as with Eco’s novelnascent forensic investigations like both Eco’s and Wambaugh’s novelsthe Byzantine bureaucracy like Soviet Russia from the two moviesand a clumsy, nearly unlikable, disaster-ridden protagonist as with Liss’s coffee traderto spin an engrossing, challenging story. I learned about the culture and found myself scratching my head often wondering if I would have gone mad with some of the customs back then.

Kindle EditionReprint editionpages. In the first half of lecor book, poor Ci goes through as almost as many trials as Job, he suffers betrayals, humiliations, beatings, robbery and more as he tries desperately to re-enter the university and better his lot.


The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido

Things, of course, do not work out so easily. But I had several problems You really want to know what happens next, just as you want something good to finally happen to poor Song C Like a Chinese Movie I really enjoy those Chinese movies that focus on a historic theme and then tell a fantastical story.

Right off the bat in the opening too. Quotes from The Corpse Reader. But, when the Counselor of Punishment is killed susipion falls on Ci, that he is the killer of not only the Counselor’s death but that of the other 3 men as well. Even the underworld is influenced by this way of life. If you are interested in historical fiction, Chinese history or the early days of forensic science I would certainly recommend this book to you.

How it ended certainly helped, even if I still have questions. Ci may be a sav Simultaneously ingenious, compelling, and frustrating. It was one of the few books that I have come across that had a bit of everything I like in literature.

So CSI – hundreds of years ago. The book includes quite a few gory scenes the hero works with corpsessome violence, but no foul language or sexual references. Set within such ccadaveres restrictive society, the young student has few opportunities and fewer lucky breaks.

Pack — El lector de cadáveres : Antonio Garrido :

Ci did not know who to trust until near letcor end. There was nothing that jolted me out of the story for being too modern or not suited to the place.

I loved this book. First, the hero was supposed to really, really smart. Most of his giant leaps of inspiration were stupid. I must admit that Sr Garriido is not well served by his translators.

Yes, a different country and centuries apart, but in both there is this feeling that things cannot possible get any worse…until they do.