‘El Eternauta’ is being published in english. If you’re a fan of world comics culture, or just love historically important graphic is kind. “El Eternauta” (The Eternaut) is a fantastic story by Hector Oesterheld. And his oldest too. It began getting published in 3-page chapters each week in a. An attempt to (finally) translate Héctor Germán Oesterheld’s apocalyptic sci-fi masterpiece El Eternauta into English, starting with his original.

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As the story moves from bad to worse to catastrophic, the characters fight, and win, correspondingly escalating battles. Oesterheld worked with the best artists and illustrators of his time, including Alberto Breccia and Francisco Solano Lopez. One of the Salvo friends is killed by the snow almost immediately, when he ran out of the house screaming for his family. Want to add to the discussion? He is the “Eternaut,” an “eternal traveler,” who ends up traveling through time and space in search of his family.

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In Syria for example, around 60, people have disappeared under Assad’s regime, according to Amnesty International. It rather brilliantly uses various science fiction tropes in order to comment on the political situation in Argentina during the authors’ run.

From a comic book villain to a war hero to Gandhi.

This sub is for discussion about graphic novels and not the industry itself. The progeny of The Eternonaut don’t stop there. Send us an e-mail. Between andall four of his daughters and their husbands were ‘disappeared’ by the Argentinian government this is even reflected in the comic.

COM in 30 languages. Critics believe Oesterheld was conceptually attacking the Dirty War [8] or writing an allegory of class struggle. The subway station Uruguay in Buenos Aires features the Eternaut. By the time he published the sequel, he and his daughters had joined the Montoneros leftist guerrilla group. I love the quotidian details Oesterheld gives us; his characters, puzzling the ins and outs of survivalism and guerrilla warfare, are nothing if not earth bound.


Most of the people are dead, but some survivors exist, most of them armed with shotguns, pistols and such.

Five years later, reverberations are still being dnglish in culture – in cinema, theater and literature. We use cookies to improve our service for you.

In real-life Argentina, the military junta under Jorge Rafael Videla imposed totalitarian rule interrorizing the population. You can find more information in our data protection eternajta.

His daughters also disappeared, as were their husbands. Join Date May Only his widow and two grandsons survived, the youngest boy recovered from government custody after being born while his mother was in prison.

The true hero of El Eternauta is a collective hero, a human group. They organize to survive the ordeal, making special suits to be able to leave the house to gather supplies. Rules No pirated content or discussion of how to obtain pirated content.

Oesterheld’s personal story and the one he wrote offer chilling similarities: Archived from the original on 3 May Anna Kemper, journalist for the German weekly “Die Zeit,” initiated the project. You can immobilize them only destroying a small “tele-director” hidden in their neck.


Having already shown his left-wing sympathies with a graphic biography on Che Guevara, Oesterheld once again revived El Eternautareuniting with original artist and fellow dissident Lopez.

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It was first published on May 29, in the weekly Gente. The story begins a night with Salvo and 3 friends all adult people playing cards at Salvo’s house. The comic from the s was inspired by the Cold War, and similar events occurred under various forms of totalitarian rule. He accidentally triggers a time traveling apparatus in the craft. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Then inthey finally came for him. Business Global trade Not many details about the new adventures were leaked – even though a famous whistleblower infiltrates the story. A few days into the snowfall, they learn that the phenomenon was caused by an extraterrestrial invasion to Earth. The man is not very solid in the beginning, but in a few minutes he becomes completely solid and introduces himself: Salvo is forced to kill some thugs who try to steal his well constructed suit. The invasion of a hidden power, a family organizing the resistance, captivity in torture camps and the endless search for the lost family, to name just a few.

Cult sci-fi comic ‘Eternaut’ still gives lessons in political resistance

El Eternautawearing the improvised hazard suit and surrounded by the deadly “snow”. There’s tons of Argentine comics i’ve read descriptions of that i want to see translated. Juan Salvo, along with a couple of friends Favalli, Lucas and Polski who were playing truco at his househis wife and daughter remain safe from the lethal snowflakes thanks to the protection of Juan Salvo’s home and the cleverness of Favalli.