YOKOGAWA EJAA, EJAA Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters EJAA/HAC general specifications · EJAA and EJAA User’s Manual. Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA User Manual. Jun 9, Regarding This Manual. • This manual should be provided to the end user. • The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior.

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If not specified, OUT: Key Layout And Screen Eja530aa If an integral indicator is mounted, refer to Subsection 9. Bt Operation Precautions Read carefully before using the transmitter.

Yokogawa EJAA User Manual | Page 2 / 67 | Original mode

To test for such effects, bring the transceiver in use slowly from a distance of several meters from the transmitter, and observe the measurement loop for noise effects. Before online-communication, confirm that communication signal does not give effect on the upper system. Contact Yokogawa eja350a personnel. Delete codes KU2 and KF2.

ejw530a OK The higher range value is changed keeping the span constant. Please note that the construction of the instrument, installation, external wiring, maintenance or repair is strictly restricted, and non-observance or negligence of this restriction would result in dangerous condition.


Check LRV and modify as needed. Change the range of normal output.

Change wating period when opening terminal cover after power off from 1 min. Note 2 Indication limits — to Enter the present actual level, SET J Any diagrams, data and other information you can include in your communication will also be helpful. Does the selfdiagnostic indicate problem location?

Installing Impulse Piping Even test voltages that do not cause visible damage to the insulation may degrade the insulation and reduce safety margins. The measured data is updated automatically every 7 seconds.

User Memo Fields Modify descriptions and notes for Er. If the transmitter was ordered without the mounting bracket, the transmitter mounting hardware is not included.

Yokogawa EJAA User Manual | 67 pages

With present settings of 0 to 30 kPa, set the lower range value to 0. First determine whether the process variable is actually abnormal or a problem exists in eja53a measurement system. Waterproofing Of Cable Conduit Connections Up to 16 alphanumeric characters can be entered. Brain Terminal Bt Connection Press the OK key to return to the parameter panel.


After two hours from when an error occurs, the error message of that error will be recorded. Emc Conformity Standards Ped pressure Equipment Directive Up to 8 alphanumerics upper case letters can be used in the BT Note that powering off within thirty seconds after setting will cause a return to the previous settings.

Yokogawa EJA530A User Manual

See this replacement product: When doing this, carefully pull the LCD board assembly straight manuwl so as not to damage the connector pins between it and the CPU assembly. In order to avoid confusion, unnecessary marking is crossed out on the label other than the selected type of protection when the transmitter is installed.

Zero point can be adjusted by simple key operation of the BT You must press the shift key before entering each letter.