You are bidding on an EICO model Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator. EICO model Audio Generator; Original Instruction Manual (c) Instruction Manual for Eico Model Sine and Square Wave Audio Generator ( 2 copies). Illustrated with diagrams. Attached to one of the manuals is a reprint. free eico manual pdf – mandalayschoolforthedeaf – eico manual find great deals on ebay for eico test equipment in signal generators. shop with eico.

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Sep Tue 06, 3: The tubes called out on the schematic you posted are octals. The generator was capable of either sine or square wave outputs. Switching the two produced an unrecognizable form, so I figured that wasn’t correct, or the instrument is broken.

I thought it was an Eicoand it is labeled as such.

Audio Generator 377

Aug Wed 30, 5: The op manjal reminded me I own a whole slew of those. DavidH, Google [Bot]Johnnysan and 2 guests.

Before powering it up I did a visual inspection manyal the circuitry and checked for any obvious shorts etc. Here’s how I think things may have been changed: Others above have already pointed out that most of the tubes in the unit are functionally similar, so you will probably find that the generator is indeed as shown if you re-draw the diagram with the pin-outs of the tubes that are present. The sico minor reason for this is that if something goes wrong while testing boat anchors, for example, and because of their higher voltages involved I would prefer to repair the Eico over the more precise HP.


The exact tube rico up, internal parts, even the colors of the case and front panel could be different depending on when it was made. I have four other pieces of Eico equipment.

I checked the sine wave output distortion using my HP Distortion Analyzer. However, there is no 6×5 not even an empty hole for it and the tubes are: Now I’m curious to find out if they were octal. The document on the BAMA site has a second schematic reflecting the changes to the tuning circuit, but even that schematic contains a hallow state rectifier.

The square wave performance is OK and seems to be optimal around Hz. I never thought about it being a newer model. Previous topic Next topic.

The 6SQ7 doesn’t fit in. May we help you read better.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Eico or IS it?

The output is high impedance and not meant to drive a speaker. If the socket is wired for a 6SJ7 it will appear between pin 2 and pin 7. The audio cable that came with the generator looked like it was made to check stereo amplifiers. If the tubes were loose how did you decide which ones went where?

I edited the original post to include the pics. If the 6SQ7 is a mistake and a 6SJ7 really belongs in there, the wiring will correspond to the schematic. Sep Mon 05, 8: I have one exactly like it. Apparently it was purchased and never used.


Audio Generator Equipment EICO Electronic Instrument Co.

Late model from I tried to hook this up direct to an old speaker to hear it, but got nothing. Page 1 of 1. I also have an older version from I think the s using the older octal tubes. I will set about trying to trace out a manal on it.

I hoped that since the original version was eco same tube, that switching the two wouldn’t be catastrophic Eivo readily admit that may not have a been a fair assumption and I may have just got lucky I also brought it up slowly on my current limiter and Variac, while looking at the signal with eicp scope, and watching the tubes. Books Support This Site: For a quick check you can just measure for the 6. Sep Mon 12, 4: This is an Ebay buy that I figured I would be replacing capacitors on, not trying to figure out what the thing even is!

Eico or IS it? I didn’t even think about the original tubes being octals. Yours is a 2 gang, which means all of the resistors in the tuning circuit are different also. The soldering and construction is nice work.