C L A S S I C S. ORIENTALISM. Edward W. Said was University Professor at Columbia University, where he has taught English and Comparative Literature. He. For generations now, Edward W. Said’s Orientalism has defined our understanding of colonialism and empire, and this Penguin Modern. Edward W. Said, in his groundbreaking book, Orientalism, defined it as the acceptance in the West of “the basic distinction between East and West as the starting.

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Arab Muslim family in Damascus, circa s. As a White male author, on the other hand, the expectation is that you won’t stick to your own cultural identity, but will instead attempt to explore orientalis,us breadth and depth of human experience through characters of many backgrounds–and why not?

In general, a magnificent piece of comprehension, that obviously deserves a through re-read, with my own copy. Is the world any different even today? Who is Afraid of Edward Said?

Orientalism – Edward W. Said – Google Books

It began first as a European effort to understand the rise of Islam. People are insanely complex and the societies they make are even more so.

C’est bien l’ignorance qui est, avec l’envie, la source de nos maux. And like such scholarship the assumption is that the plays never change — just as it is assumed the Orient and those who live there never changes either. En somme, un livre franchement irritant par son ignorance et sa malveillance. View all 27 comments.

Orientalism (book) – Wikipedia

Again, this is but one example. And what is the appropriate schooling for such a scholar? Then some intellectuals followed in same vein as travelers.


This was the first book to inspire me to become a professor, philosopher, and cultural critic just like Edward Said and I can proudly say I’m on that path. Its orientalismks goes wider than Islam-and-the-West.

Said’s survey concentrated upon the British and the French varieties of Orientalism that supported the British Empire and the French Empire as commercial enterprises constructed from colonialism, and gave perfunctory coverage, discussion, and analyses of German Orientalist scholarship. Yes in many ways, Said’s “Orientalism” is a classic.

View all 12 comments. In a review of a book by Ibn WarraqAmerican classicist Bruce Thornton dismissed Orientalism as an “incoherent amalgam of orientalismhs postmodern theory, sentimental Third Worldism, glaring historical errors, and Western guilt”.

Refresh and try again. The critical application of post-structuralism in the scholarship of Orientalism influenced the development of literary theorycultural criticismand the field of Middle Eastern studiesespecially regarding how academics practice their intellectual enquiry when examining, describing, and explaining the Middle East.

Said does not hate the West, in fact, edware writing barely carries any emotion towards either side w.sad it comes to non-fiction works, as he rather give a good introduction to people from both sides. Comparative Studies in Society and History. As a public intellectualEdward Said debated Orientalism with historians and scholars of area studiesnotably, the historian Bernard Lewiswho described the thesis of Orientalism as “anti-Western”.

Orientalism fictionally depicts the Orient as an irrational, psychologically weak, and feminized, non-European Otherwhich is negatively contrasted with the rational, psychologically strong, and masculine West. But still a text nonetheless.


In Octoberone month after the orientailsmus of Edward W. In his new preface, Said examines the effect of continuing Western imperialism after recent events in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Such a binary relation, in a hierarchy of weakness and strength, derives from the European psychological need to create a difference of cultural inequality, between West and East, which inequality is attributable to “immutable cultural essences ” inherent to Oriental peoples and things.


That Said failed to adequately distinguish between the genuine experiences of the Orient and the cultural projections of Westerners. This is still so important for so many current day issues of our time.

This book is orientalismue feat of thought that probably has its little inexactitudes as his detractors like to point out. Print Hardcover and Paperback. Why did people edwagd that way, and in their own time more specifically?

Art Gallery of New South Wales, KiernanBernard S. I think the problem with reading Orientalism today is that much of what he says that was so revolutionary at the time is so accepted now at least among most academics. Huda Shaarawi established the first feminist movement in Egypt: I urge you to not pay mind to the fallacious reasoning of those giving this book bad reviews, there’s a reason it’s still extremely influential and relevant even 35 years after being published.

In justification of empire, the Orientalist claims to know more—essential and definitive knowledge—about the Orient than do the Orientals. I recommend this book so highly that if you read one book a year, this is the one for