Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, which helped him to develop an inquisitive mind and .. Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current illustrated; Māris Goldmanis, Researcher at University of Latvia. and could be about the same size as Eds other book Magnetic Current. I see a photo of Edward Leedskalnin holding a copy of the book, “A. Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version).

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He also gives us common sense reasons why the electron is not feasible.

For instance, Leedskalnin tells us specifically that they are one in the same on the first page of Magnetic Current: They only attract if they are running one kind against the other kind. Attract the iron filings with the rubber magnet, then approach with the steel magnet, Change the poles, then you will see some of the filings jump away.

In Ellison, Emily and Perry, Chuck. I think the type of leedskaljin used in the text is more important than finding the “oldest version ” granted there might be a few additional photos that have yet to be deciphered. Now cut the helix into three or four equal or unequal segments. Any one lacking self-respect cannot be educated.

In the winter de —, after allegedly contracting tuberculosisLeedskalnin moved to the warmer climate of Florida, where he purchased an undeveloped parcel of land in Florida Citywhich at the time was lightly inhabited. Those who want to know how North and South pole individual magnets contract the muscles.

Most of the interesting pieces in abieh are in the text itself The voynich manuscript has a few styles similar to Eds We are born as brutes, we remain and die as the same if we do not become polished. Now I know the right path the Earth follows.

They go somewhere else. Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long hair are nursing it. One by the left shoe on the white place black arrowthe second on the fountain right side of the picture, just in the middle white arrow with shadow in it?? Put the south pole magnet in the same place. Your electric motor is turned around on its axis by north and south pole magnets. Leedskalnin insists that without these characteristics the electron could not be a building block. Really it is not one current they are two currents, one current is composed of North Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams, and the other is composed of South Pole magnets in concentrated streams, and they are running one stream against the other stream in whirling, screw like fashion, and with high speed.


The Story of the Coral Castle. This means the steel magnet changed the magnet poles in the iron filings, and so they jumped away. More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal.

Edward Leedskalnin – Wikipedia

These individual north and south pole magnets are particles smaller than atoms or photons and each particle in the substance was an individual magnet by itself. The misleading began when our distant ancestors began to teach their descendants.

The Boois and South pole magnets are going in and out of the earth all the time, everywhere and their numbers are limitless. Here is how the electrons came into existence.

This indicates that electricity the same as a magnet bar is composed of two equal forces, and each force is running one against the other in whirling right hand twist, but those forces in the wire have higher speed, and both forces are coming out across from the same wire.

The main bases of self-respect is the willingness to learn, to do only the things that are good and right, to believe only in the things that can be proved, to possess appreciation and self control. A sense of truth can be felt behind his every word, but there also a more esoteric aspects to his writings just as compelling. The north pole magnet will pull in the loop.

Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something. Along with the recognition came speculations about his seemingly superhuman powers: We can find concentrated north and south pole individual magnets in the earth, in a metal.


The individual North or South Pole magnets are then one one in the same with the only difference being their direcection of travel relative to one another. They will not unite integrally like attracting magnets. They go somewhere else. That is why we are not educated.

If electricity is made with north and south pole magnets and the electric motor is turned around on its axis by the north and south pole magnets as is the fact, then this will bring up a question, where then are those Thomson electrons.

Edward Leedskalnin

Now you know how the alternating magnetic currents are made. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For instance you can burn wood and flesh. Leedskalnin also gives us, Rock Gate, otherwise known as Coral Castle, the world’s only modern megalithic structure. I found out that the researchers were misled by wrong instruction books, and by one-sided instruments. It will push the loop away.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets

He built Coral Castle all by himself, cutting the stone right out of the ground blow. To the electrical engineers the positive electricity is everything, the negative electricity is nothing, but to the physicists the negative electricity is everything, and the positive electricity is nothing.

Mineral, Vegetable And Animal Life: Your electric motor is turned around on its axis by north and south pole magnets. Bookx way to prove this is to connect a flexible wire loop east end of the wire with positive battery’s terminal, west end with negative terminal, raise the loop one inch above the floor.

Everything would remain the same way as it is now. But all senses do not take polish.

So I thought I am going to find out why they do not know.