Front-loading dishwasher EcoStar F made by MEIKO fits perfectly for professional and quality cleaning tableware. It is easy wash off not only dishes, but. You searched for “ECOSTAR F”. 1 to 20 out of Either search by using the drop down box to the left or use the freeform search box above. Product Ecostar F and D glass- and dishwashers. USP The under- counter F and pass-through D now carry as standard the.

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Not tested but in working order after the seller. Online Auction of Snack equipment: Oven, cold room Isocab, cash register, bar counter, furniture, Sale at the request of a third party.

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Ecostar F – P&E

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Meiko Ecostar F Dishwasher

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This sale is now closed. Payment by bank transfer Start price Snack – Bar Online Auction of Snack equipment: Winterhalter GS Professional dishwasher Start price: Displays and shelves for bicycles and accessories Start price: Question over this item?

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We guide you step by step. Auctelia is … A used industrial equipment broker and auctioneer Exclusively professional equipment for sale A trusted third party with payment on our account Discover Auctelia Buyer or seller, Auctelia is your partner. Your message Hello, I found an item on Auctelia which could ecowtar you.