L’ecografia color/duplex Doppler nella diagnosi di stenosi renale di tipo (ARAS ) e 23 pazienti con stenosi delle arterie renali di tipo fibrodisplastico (FDRAS). In patients with left ventricular dysfunction, by renal artery PW Doppler analysis it is possible Alisi delia curya di flusso-velocità doppler delle arterie renali nella. Studio Radiologico Pignatelli. December 7 at AM ·. Doppler arterie renali. Image may contain: ultrasound · 3 Likes2 Shares. English (US); Español.

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The frequency shift depends on the angle between the vessel and the ultrasound US beam, and on the frequency of the transducer used. Imaging of renovascular hypertension: Tardus refers to the fact that systolic acceleration of the waveform is slow with consequent increase in time to reach the systolic peak.

Screening for RAS is indicated in suspected renovascular hypertension or ischemic nephropathy, in order to identify patients in whom an endoluminal or surgical revascularization is advisable. Tardus—parvus waveform in a patient with RA stenosis. The use of colorflow duplex scanning to detect significant renal artery stenosis. Logiasd M. The right RA originates from the anterolateral aspect of the aorta and immediately turns posteriorly to course beneath the inferior vena cava IVC.

Doppler flow-velocity analysis of renal arteries in left ventricular dysfunction

However, when a discrepancy exists between clinical data and the results of Doppler US, additional tests are mandatory. The resistive index RI measures the degree of intrarenal arterial impedance and is calculated using the following formula: Lower frequency transducers will have better sonographic penetration, but there is a trade-off of decreased spatial resolution.

Contrast agents microbubbles do not undergo renal filtration or tubular excretion and, on the whole, they can be considered as purely vascular tracers. Color-Doppler US CDUS is a noninvasive, repeatable, relatively inexpensive diagnostic procedure which can accurately screen for renovascular diseases if performed by an expert. Atherosclerotic RAS is a progressive disease, particularly in patients with diabetes or other manifestations of atherosclerosis [5]. Interobserver and intraobserver variability using these criteria is high [29,30].


Current advances in the diagnosis and treatment of renal artery stenosis. Examination technique and normal anatomy The procedure begins with the patient in the supine position and the head of the bed elevated about 30 degrees. The RAs originate from the lateral sides of the aorta Fig. In patients with atherosclerosis, vessel compliance may be reduced, making the parvus—tardus waveform morphology less obvious [31,32].

Accuracy of colour duplex sonography for the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis. Giornale Italiano di CardiologiaVol. The contrast-enhanced Doppler ultrasound with perfluorocarbon exposed sonicated albumin does not improve the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis compared with angiography.

Such variables may explain why some authors have not been able to reproduce these results [30,35]. Technical failure is reported to be due to severe obesity, the use of older US devices, excessive bowel gas or poor flow in the main RA due to severe renal impairment. Accuracy of normal-dose contrast-enhanced MR angiography in assessing renal artery stenosis renaali accessory renal artery stenosis and accessory renal arteries.

Andrulli c Department of Nephrology and Dialysis, A. Clinical utility of the resistive index in atherosclerotic renovascular disease. US contrast agent increases the intensity of the Doppler signals, thus producing a more rapid and complete visualization of the RAs.

Microbubble ultrasound contrast agents: Enhanced flow velocity after stenting of renal arteries is associated with decreased renal function. Predictive role of Duplex Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute renal obstruction in patients with unilateral renal colic.

Renovascular disease is a complex disorder, most commonly caused by fibromuscular dysplasia and atherosclerotic diseases. However, CEUS may increase visualization and accuracy in patients affected by stenosis and in patients whose vessels are not initially visualized. Several epidemiologic studies argerie have shown the elevated prevalence of ischemic nephropathy in elderly patients mainly due to atherosclerotic RAS.


However, efodoppler criterion is not commonly used in our practice. Two or more RAs are common, although typically one is dominant. Andrullic F. These criteria permit classification of RA narrowing into the four categories listed in Table 1.

In selected cases the posterior approach can be used [8,9]. This will diminish the amount of bowel gas and also ensure that the stomach is empty. Renal arteries in patients at risk of renal arterial stenosis: From a practical point of view, there are only two major diseases that affect the RAs: Clinical screening of hypertensive patients is therefore recommended before extensive investigation for renovascular disease is started.

Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. New intrarenal echo-Doppler velocimetric indices for the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis. Unlike obstructive uropathy [40,41]the abnormal kidney will show reduced RIs beyond the point of stenosis [42].

Doppler ultrasound and renal artery stenosis: An overview

Classicamente si presenta in una delle seguenti tre forme: Thus, early diagnosis of RAS is an important artere objective since interventional therapy may improve or cure hypertension and preserve renal function. The first and most important sign is the increase in PSV. Five patients were excluded for suboptimal renal artery PW Doppler recordings. It can be found in one of three forms: Doppler gain should be optimized to detect flow by increasing the gain to a level just below color artifact visualization in adjacent structures.

Looking at the RAs and the aorta as a whole, some have likened ecodopppler appearance to a half-peeled banana with its skin curved alongside. Duplex imaging of the renal arteries with contrast enhancement.