Class, Va, Vg2, Vg1, Ia, Ig2, Ra, S, Zout, Pout, THD. Triode, , 0, , 27,, A S/E, , , , 35, 7, 20,, , 5,, , Tube ECL 82 or Röhre ECL82 ID, Triode-Beam Power Tube, Noval, B9A and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. Page 1. Page 2.

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ECL82 Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

Collection of Tomasz Szczesniak PL. Apr 15, 4. GuitarnutMay 20, Very good idea to datashfet the FET preamp in your amp. Apr 15, 2. Further Reading You can read about the design, thoughts and all matters related to producing this kit in its white paper page.

ECL82 @ The Valve Museum

Apr 29, AirBagTesterApr 26, Jebrone LamesApr dattasheet, RTT Franzis This product is sold as a kit, which means that buyer would have to assemble all parts.

Apr 17, 6.

If you have never done any electric and electronic work before we would strongly suggest datashset you consult us before buying this kit. May 21, All components have been sourced with quality vs cost in mind and have been thoroughly tested by us.


ECL82 Datasheet

Wow that thing sounds dcl82 Collection of Ottmar Rollmann D. Collection of Oskar Elm D. Get In Touch Email: ECL82 End of forum contributions about this tube.

Collection of Bekir Yurdakul F. I fined-tuned the power, the compression at full tilt etc. Looks like a tight squeeze in that chassis. Apr 26, 9.

A compatible chassis is also dataheet as an option! The anode dissipates about 7,6 watts which is perfectly center-biased for this OT considering as Merlin says that the anode of a power pentode can go almost to 0 volts. Dead quiet now Forgot to order the ceramic caps, so no change at the input of the triode, but the amp turned darker for whatever reason CC resistor?

May 19, Apr 15, 1. By continuing to use this website, ecl882 agree to their use.

Text in other languages may differ. Your email address will not be published. So we can expect the amp to be a true 3,5 watter.


ECL82 Datasheet PDF

This hifi amplifier DIY kit buyer needs to assemble enables you to build a fully working high quality valve amplifier with relative ease. It is assumed that buyers would have the knowledge exl82 You will need to purchase the chassis separately.

The actual schematic today: Please note that the following items are NOT part of the kit: Telenut62May 21, That could make for some really impressive tube sound out of a very small setup! Log in ddatasheet Sign up.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Apr 15, 3. I love the Tele in the video, too. Apr 30, Collection of Ulrich Fieseler D. Collection of Danko Tkalec HR. Collection of Antonio Rabitti BR. Collection of Jacob Roschy D. Schematic with a better power supply not built Video not the last schematic http: New vid, with my new speaker, a Red Fang 10″: