An honest account of why I decided to leave my home country Malta and It was a seemingly joking and simple comment, but it rang so true for . Over exploitation (umbrella rentals) of one Malta’s iconic spots – Blue Lagoon. Here we show how visit Malta by public transport – buses from Valletta and The Church looks plain and simple from the outside, almost fortress-like . Blue Grotto – a natural rock arch surrounded by dozens of sea caves. This is my top 10 of best beaches in Malta and Gozo, with pros and cons for each Easy to reach by public transport and car; Blue Flag certified beach; Amazing.

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At night the city is deserted!

Malta by Public Transport: A Complete Guide – The Crowded Planet

You forgot a few things unless they have been already mentioned in the comments — to much to read such as:. Time to go back home. We re planning the move in a couple of years, hopefully we wont be faced with dasy of the common issues that are found here…. Landing in Malta you tend to feel very welcome as people are very friendly and ready to help out, it feels like everybody treats you like family. The ugly buildings Portamasso at St Julians are way out of character and more high rises are being erected.

Portugal is definitely a hot market and I have written a guide on how to invest in Portuguese real estate on this very blog. Because it is underground, the Hypogeum has a sensitive microclimate.

Hello Jean, I read your article and I totally agree with what you have wrote. You Mentioned traffic at Night is Slow but now its Traffic till 11pm near enough everyday at least where I live.

I know Sicily has Its downfalls aswell but hey I get to live in A huge piece bluf Land in A Villa surrounded By cliffs and not having to work because of rental investments being so damn cheap in Taormina and turn out A Huge Profit. Ristoranti – 1a Classe. Malta has definitely lost some of its charm for me but I will go back, just with lower expectations.


The sacristy contains antique oil lamps and religious art given to the sanctuary. Motorists are at fault? Thanks for sharing with all the Expats! I can definitely see how these exotic qualities can be such a strong attraction for foreigners. The Mnajdra complex features three temples overlooking an oval forecourt. How easy is it to visit Sicily from Malta?

How to get to the blue lagoon please….. – Mellieha Forum

Mosaics were a symbol of status and culture for the ancient Romans. The sanctuary itself has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for centuries.

I love reading your article! If we go to these two countries, you would be forced to speak their language.

People cross the road even though they press the button at the pelican light bblue it is showing not to cross. I lost my job because i defended myself from a drunk policeman.

20 Places You Must See in Malta – David’s Been Here

Choosing a government, from the 2 major political parties is like having a choice between the Pest or Cholera. Where are the beaches in Malta? No my dears, I care. Also a paradise on Earth as Malta, but you have to be rich, ,german or both things, for middle class locals there are very few options left.

On the other hand I did have the feeling of the island selling its soul to the British and lbue Germans. As you can imagine, several friends and family members ask me why this is so.

The Phoenicians first founded Mdina during the 6 th and mallya th centuries BC. Aside from the millennia of history, the food is what most blew me away. The next day, I went to my office for the very first time, and thought I was in malyq giant car park. By getting the first ferry here there was enough time to have a swim, relax in the sun and enjoy this beautiful space worth getting up first thing for, really was.


A protected bird illegally shot down in Malta.

My feelings about Malta at the end of the day are genuine sadness for what was once really an idyllic place but has been destroyed over the years. Buses also stop frequently, and often take loopy, twisting roads — getting around takes time.

Many individuals have also constructed illegally while the authorities have turned a blind eye. The estate sits on 47 acres of land that once served as a military base during WWII.

Maltese fishermen who used to earn their livings in the surrounding sea named the caves for their distinguishing features. At best do a day trip to take in valetta and mdina. But I digress, the main issue as I see it I worked in many other countries is that Maltese people just lack empathy and therefore respect.

This 17 th century Baroque church was built over the grotto where it is believed the apostle St. Further to this, I dont see it as reasonable to spend Eurk for an apartment with people living under and on top of you…with less money you can get a house that would be considered a Villa in Maltese standards in some other countries in the EU, which would equal an above Eur1Mil price here.

I loved your piece on Malta. The Hypogeum is a structure like no other. Nice captures on the photos. Over the next 3 years, there is not a single thing I have come to like about Malta. There is no get away at all.